How Can Cannabis Help Increase Muscle Capacity in Patients With Arnold-Chiari Malformation?


arnold-chiari muscle capacity

There are many benefits to patients who use medical marijuana. From pain to nausea, cannabis is proven to be an effective treatment. However, a use for the plant that’s been gaining popular attention is its ability to aid muscular health. Patients with disorders that cause muscle cramping, spasticity and weakness are finding medical marijuana brings relief to these often painful and debilitating symptoms.

As Arnold-Chiari malformations progress, they can start to cause neurological impairments, including muscular dysfunction. Surgery is an option, but after an operation, muscular problems can continue. There’s evidence that suggests medical marijuana could aid the muscular capacity in patients struggling with Chiari malformations.

How Does an Arnold-Chiari Malformation Affect Muscle Capacity?

There are four main types of Arnold-Chiari malformations. The name of the condition covers all forms of the disorder, and they share a common feature. Patients born with Chiari malformations have a portion of brain tissue that protrudes from their skull into the spinal canal.

Some with the disorder don’t notice any signs or symptoms. For others, however, chronic pain and other debilitating side effects become an everyday struggle. The different types of Arnold-Chiari malformations are classified I-IV based on the severity and how much brain tissue extends out of the skull.

One of the most significant complications that can arise due to a Chiari malformation is neurological impairment affecting muscle capacity. In most patients with this condition, the cerebellum is the portion of the brain the sticks out into the spinal canal. The cerebellum is responsible for motor control, which includes muscle tone.

If the condition is severe enough, patients begin noticing muscular issues, such as:

  • Weakness
  • Spasms
  • Spasticity, muscle tension and twitching
  • Cramping

Increasing Muscular Capacity With Medical Marijuana

Muscular issues may not sound serious, but this symptom can severely impact quality of life. Patients who are weaker than normal can’t perform basic, everyday tasks. Spasticity and cramping are extremely painful, especially if the muscle is unable to stretch and relax.

Medical marijuana works because of the cannabinoids, or medicinal compounds, found in the plant. THC, CBD and CBG have specifically been found to address muscular issues. When a patient uses cannabis, the cannabinoids bind to endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body, including neurological receptors. This can have one of two effects:

  1. The antispasmodic properties of medical marijuana allow the muscles to relax, giving a sense of relief
  2. Cannabis provides patients with energy, which helps them fight muscle fatigue and perform basic functions

On top of this, medical marijuana is an analgesic. This pain relief is one of its greatest benefits, especially if spasticity and spasms have left muscles aching.

The Next Step

If you feel cannabis is a treatment option you’d like to pursue, the next step is to reach out. Contact a dispensary near you or a marijuana doctor in your state. They can address your individual symptoms and inform you about the marijuana laws in your state.

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