Which Strain of Cannabis Is Best for Different Forms of Arnold-Chiari Malformation?


Which Strain of Cannabis Is Best for Different Forms of Arnold-Chiari Malformation?

An Arnold-Chiari malformation is a debilitating condition that one in 1,000 people are born with. A structural defect in the skull allows the cerebellum portion of the brain to extend past its boundaries and into the spinal canal. This can lead to an array of symptoms and complications that affect a patient’s quality of life.

There are four forms of Arnold-Chiari malformations. Although they present similar symptoms, the severity depends on whether you have Type I, II, III or IV, each being worse than the last. The main treatment method is surgery. However, some patients don’t suffer from a severe enough form of the disorder to qualify for an operation. They’re left to manage their symptoms using prescription pain medications.

States throughout the country are now allowing patients to pursue medical marijuana treatments if they have a debilitating condition. A common qualifying symptom is severe and chronic pain. Because of this, many patients with Arnold-Chiari malformations meet the requirements for cannabis medications. However, there are many different strains of medical marijuana on the market to choose from.

Types of Arnold-Chiari Malformation Symptoms Treatable With Cannabis

Depending how much of the cerebellum extends through the base of the skull into the spinal canal, the severity of symptoms worsens. That’s why there are four categories for Arnold-Chiari malformations, depending on how much brain tissue is extending.

Cannabis is an all-natural medication that works with our bodies to relieve many debilitating symptoms. The cannabinoids present in the plant, primarily CBD and THC, bind to our body’s endocannabinoid receptors and produce many beneficial effects. Some of the symptoms medical marijuana can treat in patients with Arnold-Chiari malformations include:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle tremors
  • Spasticity
  • Emotional difficulties, like depression

Ways to Administer Medical Marijuana for Arnold-Chiari Malformation Patients

There are many ways to administer cannabis medications. The most common is inhalation — meaning smoking and vaporization. However, Chiari malformations can lead to difficulties breathing in severe cases, which is we highly recommend edible medical marijuana treatments for patients with this disorder. Although it takes longer to feel the effects, this method has its own benefits:

  • No adverse side effects associated with smoking or vaping
  • Effects last longer, allowing for extended relief
  • It’s the most effective method when dealing with spasticity or sleep issues

Best Strains for Specific Symptoms

Depending on your symptoms, you may want to use a different strain of medical marijuana. Here are our recommendations to help you find targeted relief:


Treat your insomnia with:

  • Purple Urkle: Completely relaxes the body, allowing you to prepare for a deep sleep
  • Afghani: A potent sedative that leaves users feeling happy and relaxed
  • Northern Lights: Helps relax racing mind and painful symptoms so you can unwind

Muscle Tremors and Spasticity

These symptoms can be alleviated by:

  • Afghan Kush: With elevated levels of CBD, it’s perfect for both relaxation and the relief of muscle spasms.
  • White Widow: Not only does this strain help your muscles relax, it relieves pain in the process.
  • Blue Dream: This strain is commonly used to reduce muscle cramping and spasms.

Chronic Pain

Treat your chronic pain with strains like:

  • Jack Herer: Great for inflammation and stress, this strain targets several types of pain.
  • Harlequin: This strain is much sought after because it has almost equal levels of CBD and THC.
  • Superbud: This strain’s pain fighting ability is often compared to narcotic pain medications.


If you’re experiencing depression, try using these strains:

  • Laughing Buddha: Not only does it uplift the user’s spirits, it also allows them to be social, breaking them out of isolation.
  • Triangle Kush: Although it can cause drowsiness, it also leaves users happy, relaxed and positive.
  • Super Sour Skunk: This is a favorite strain for those with depression, as it gives users energy.

Reach Out for More Information

The first step to getting medical marijuana treatments is reaching out to a marijuana doctor in your state or a local budtender or dispensary. These professionals can assess your individual circumstances and help you plan a course of treatment.

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