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Medical Marijuana Doctors in California

California Laws for Medical Marijuana Use

California legalized the use of medical marijuana in 1996. Since then, hundreds of medical marijuana doctors in California have been providing recommendations to qualifying patients who want to obtain a state-issued medical marijuana identification card.

Although California maintains a registry database identifying qualified patients and caregivers, participation in the ID card program is not mandatory.

Diagnoses for Patients to Use Medical Marijuana in California

Certified California marijuana doctors must diagnose prospective medical cannabis users with one or more of the following health issues:

The recent passage of Prop 64 in California made recreational use of marijuana legal for adults over 21 years old. However, commercial sale of recreational cannabis isn’t scheduled to commence until 2018. Legalizing recreational marijuana does not affect the way California medical marijuana doctors diagnose patients or write recommendations.

MMJ patients can still purchase medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries as long as they have a physician’s recommendation. In addition, those with state ID cards are eligible for reductions on local sales taxes due to the passage of Prop 64.

Find a California Medical Marijuana Doctor

Licensed California medical marijuana doctors listed at are available for dialogue and consultation regarding conditions possibly warranting treatment with medical cannabis. If you are interested in contacting an MMJ doctor, you need a physician’s referral or documented medical records describing diagnosis and treatment methods employed by your previous doctor(s).

People without pre-existing treatment medical records may be ineligible to qualify for medical marijuana. Remember that a California medical marijuana doctor may provide a patient with a recommendation for over 200 serious health conditions that failed to respond to traditional treatments.

The California Department of Health is currently advising medical marijuana patients to beware of fake clinics. Unethical physicians may be charging patients extra fees for bogus cultivation licenses that supposedly permit them to cultivate more than six plants.

California does not issue cultivation licenses, and anyone caught with more than six plants may be charged with intent to sell. Illegally operating clinics are also using suspended or invalid physician licenses to get away with selling medicinal marijuana. guarantees the California medical marijuana doctors listed in our database are licensed to provide recommendations to patients qualifying for medical cannabis use.

To facilitate the process of obtaining a California medical marijuana card, lists all certified California MMJ physicians and licensed dispensaries working with these doctors. In addition, medical marijuana patients can check out each listing to view business hours, location, dispensary delivery information, reviews and other details essential for receiving the best medical cannabis in California. We also offer telehealth services to facilitate interacting with one of our licensed physicians.

Contact anytime using our convenient online email form. We typically reply to questions or concerns within 24 hours.

“NOTICE TO CONSUMERS: The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 ensures that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes where medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of medical cannabis. Recommendations must come from an attending physician as defined in Section 11362.7 of the Health and Safety Code. Cannabis is a Schedule I drug according to the federal Controlled Substances Act. Activity related to cannabis use is subject to federal prosecution, regardless of the protections provided by state law.” The Compassionate Use Act of 1996

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