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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/28/2019 in Medical Marijuana

reduce holiday stress

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/05/2018 in Medical Marijuana

Updated on January 25, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

For many people, the holidays bring food, fun and family. But the season also brings stress. While there is plenty to love about this time of year, it can also make us anxious, sad, lonely or angry for many reasons, including these:

Increased obligations, such as hosting parties and buying presents

  •       Feeling isolated from others
  •       Looking back on the negative aspects of the past year
  •       Unresolved family trauma or tension
  •       Unrealistic expectations of a “perfect” holiday
  •       Dealing with family changes, like divorce or the loss of a loved one

Here are six coping strategies that can help you alleviate these feelings and enjoy the season.

1. Treat yourself to a marijuana getaway.

Depending on which holidays you celebrate, you may find yourself trying to find the perfect gift for everyone you love. Why not treat yourself to one of these relaxing cannabis therapies as well?

  •       Cannabis massages: During a cannabis massage, a massage therapist rubs marijuana-based topical treatments into your muscles. The medicine enhances the effects of the massage, helping you relax.
  •       Marijuana yoga: If you prefer something more active, marijuana yoga could help you unwind. After medicating with cannabis, you complete a yoga session and enjoy the relaxing effects of both therapies.
  •       Cannabis spas: These spas offer many different relaxing cannabis therapies, including massages, yoga, facials and baths.

If these treatments are too expensive or you don’t have a cannabis spa nearby, why not create your own? Many of these therapies include items and methods you can use by yourself or with a loved one.

2. Stick to your treatment plan.

A longer to-do list and travel can make it challenging to stick to your medical treatment, but it’s important take your medicine on time and in the recommended dose.

Traveling to another state sometimes gets in the way of proper treatment. For more information about medical marijuana and travel, we recommend these guides:

Remember to research the details of the marijuana laws for the states you visit.

3. Get plenty of rest.

Insufficient sleep not only reduces your energy but also changes your mood. It can make you feel irritable, anxious or depressed and cause mood swings. Unfortunately, during stressful times like the holidays, we tend to sleep less. This lack of rest increases your mood symptoms, which then make it even harder to sleep. Break the cycle by practicing good sleep habits and sticking to your usual bedtime routine.

If you need more than just good sleep hygiene to fall or stay asleep, you may have a sleep disorder like insomnia. Some types of medical marijuana can help. Talk to your doctor about modifying your treatment regimen if you think you could benefit from the sleep-enhancing effects of cannabis.

4. Use high-CBD or 1:1 medicine.

The THC in cannabis causes anxiety for some patients. If this is the case, increasing the amount of CBD you take could help. This compound does not have the psychoactive effects of THC. You may not have to give up THC altogether. Work closely with your doctor to find a ratio that works for you.

5. Reach Out to Others

Even when you have friends and family to spend time with, the holidays can evoke a sense of loneliness. We feel like we’re supposed to have constant social interaction during this season and feel left out.

reach out

Remember to get in touch with the people you care about during the holidays, even if just for a moment. You could also look for causes or organizations to take part in. Medical marijuana patients in certain areas have the option of joining a patient support group. Some dispensaries have frequent meetings and events for their members where you can meet new people.

6. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Holiday parties offer numerous opportunities to drink. But drinking too much alcohol worsens depression symptoms. Using it to self-medicate mood problems actually makes them more severe.

If you don’t have a depression or anxiety diagnosis but feel stressed enough to want to self-medicate with alcohol, talk to your doctor. You may have a mood disorder that you can relieve with medical marijuana. Research shows that cannabis can reduce unhealthy drinking habits by addressing the underlying causes.

Happy Holidays From MarijuanaDoctors.com

No matter which holidays you celebrate, the team at MarijuanaDoctors.com wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season. Remember, you don’t have to cope with holiday stress by yourself. We encourage you to take a breath and seek the support you need.

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