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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/15/2018 in Medical Marijuana

cannabis spas

Because marijuana medicine is so relaxing, recreational users and medical patients alike can agree that nothing would be better than a little pampering session with it. Enter cannabis spas, which can deliver exactly that to patients and recreational users.

These spas aren’t full-fledged by any means yet in the United States. However, there are a few that exist in states where businesses can allow the use of marijuana products if they obtain the proper permits.

Are Cannabis Spas Legal?

Even though marijuana is legal in many states both recreationally and medically, it is still prohibited in all of them to use cannabis in public. Patients and recreational users must do all their medicating inside their homes, so how can cannabis spas exist legally?

In 2016, the city of Denver passed ballot initiative 300, which enables businesses to apply for permits allowing them to sanction cannabis consumption within their facility. Certain organizations, such as those that also have liquor licenses, cannot request a permit to allow marijuana use as well. But, facilities like coffee shops, studios and spas can easily turn themselves into a cannabis-friendly joint.

What Is a Cannabis Spa?

A cannabis spa is exactly what it sounds like — a spa that specializes in delivering cannabis-based massages and other cannabis-friendly activities. It’s important to note that cannabis spas cannot legally sell marijuana or marijuana products. Instead, they provide a space for people to use it safely.

Most recently, Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge in Denver is aiming to become the first “fully licensed, state-legal cannabis spa.” Other spas exist in the city that offer CBD-infused massages at no extra cost, which is how they can do it without a license. Utopia would be the first legal cannabis spa in the state.

In addition to their spa treatments, Utopia will also offer marijuana-friendly yoga classes, cooking classes, corporate retreats and other private events.

What Is a Cannabis Massage?

Cannabis massage therapy is a trend that’s growing with the introduction of more and more cannabis spas. A cannabis massage involves the use of lotions, oils, salves and other products infused with cannabidiol (CBD), the primary non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana plants, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient.

These cannabinoids work together to provide you with several benefits, including:

  • Pain Relief: One of CBD’s most potent medicinal qualities is its ability to reduce pain. Whether you’re dealing with joint pain or sore muscles, cannabis-infused topical creams can treat that localized pain. These products are also beneficial for treating inflammation.
  • Deep Relaxation: Massages are relaxing as it is — can you imagine one with cannabis-infused products that promote relaxation as well? Patrons report having less stress, body tension and negative thoughts after a cannabis massage. They also tend to leave more refreshed than they would after a regular massage. Cannabis products create a warming, calming sensation that heightens the sensitivity of the skin and soothes the entire body.
  • No Psychoactive Effects: Even with THC products, the user cannot get high by absorbing marijuana-infused lotion through their skin. Cannabis must enter the user’s bloodstream for them to feel any mental effects. So, driving home after a cannabis massage with CBD or THC products is not an issue.

Treatments Available at Cannabis Spas

Aside from cannabis massages, what kinds of treatments are available at a typical cannabis spa? Whether they’re already mainstream treatments or goals for the future, some of the most popular or sought after cannabis spa treatments include:

  • Weed Facials: Complete with a variety of marijuana-infused scrubs, oils and serums, weed facials are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. Estheticians use cannabis products with other skincare products to achieve the skin-enhancing effects from the skincare products, as well as the relaxing and soothing sensation from the marijuana solutions.
  • Hash Baths: Hash baths involve soaking in a tub with a tea-bag-like mixture of marijuana leaves, bath salts and relaxing scents like lavender, peppermint and chamomile. Like the other topical treatments, it’s non-psychoactive but extremely soothing. The combination of products creates a tingling, calming sensation.
  • Ganja Yoga: Though this is not a topical treatment, yoga has been proven to lead to many health benefits, so many spas are also starting to offer yoga classes. The Utopia spa in Denver is one of them. The idea is to combine the medicinal effects of cannabis with the health advantages of yoga and mental benefits of mindfulness. Most classes start with a half hour of discussion and marijuana use, then an hour of yoga followed by a short meditation.

weed facials

What This Means for the Cannabis Industry

If the state approves Utopia’s application for social consumption, which they submitted Feb. 7, 2018, recreational and medical users in Denver will be able to take advantage of all the beneficial properties that come with the treatments the spa will offer.

Once again, Denver is leading the way when it comes to cannabis industry trends. If marijuana spas catch on, they’ll start to appear in other recreationally-legal states, too. Perhaps spas specifically for medical patients will even pop up in states where marijuana is only legal for medical use.

Stay up to Date on the Latest Marijuana Trends

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