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Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance


Medical marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for many different health conditions, ranging from chronic pain to cancer to post-traumatic stress disorder. Although a study found that approximately eight out of 10 doctors approve of the use of medical marijuana and another s Read More

Guide for Medical Marijuana Caregivers


Most states in the United States have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Additional states may follow. With the use of medical marijuana comes the need for medical marijuana caregivers. This guide provides information on what they are, how they help patients and how to become one. Wh Read More

Cymbalta and Medical Marijuana


Cymbalta is a drug used for several purposes, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain—conditions that also appear on many state lists of approved uses for medical marijuana. Patients who have been prescribed Cymbalta may have questions that need to be answered, such as whether th Read More

7 Ways to Use CBD


Marijuana consists of many different compounds that work together to relieve symptoms. You can isolate these compounds, known as cannabinoids, to experience one specific component’s effects. One compound commonly used by medical marijuana patients is cannabidiol (CBD). Learn why patients Read More

Massachusetts CBD Program


A component of marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) provides relief without a high. Because of this lack of impairment, many states categorize it differently than marijuana. Massachusetts has many regulations that give patients safe and legal access to CBD. CBD Rules in Massachusetts Mas Read More

Chestnut Hill, MA Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Chestnut Hill, MA Read More

Newton Upper Falls, MA


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Newton Upper Falls, MA Read More

Mashpee, MA


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Mashpee, MA Read More

Canton, MA


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Canton, MA Patients can find medical cannabis care throughout the state of Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston area. People who live south of Boston can see a doctor in the suburb of Canton. These doctors can give you a recommendation that lets you bu Read More

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