Massachusetts CBD Program


A component of marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) provides relief without a high. Because of this lack of impairment, many states categorize it differently than marijuana. Massachusetts has many regulations that give patients safe and legal access to CBD.

Massachusetts Cannabis Laws

Massachusetts considers recreational and medical cannabis legal. It also has hemp regulations that allow for certain kinds of CBD extracts. You may get CBD by following any of these laws.

Massachusetts medical marijuana laws require users to obtain a medicinal cannabis card. If you get a card, you can shop at medical dispensaries throughout the state. The CBD medications at these providers have higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (CBD) than hemp medicine. But, they still have low enough levels to avoid the high. These higher concentrations simply make the medication more effective.

Adults over 21 can also find CBD medicine at recreational dispensaries. Many of the items bought at retail dispensaries have similar benefits to medical products. But, they don’t always cater to patients looking for non-psychoactive medication.

Anyone can buy CBD products from hemp and natural health stores. Massachusetts law considers any cannabis plant with less than 0.3 percent THC hemp. The state’s regulations explicitly allow the hemp industry to create CBD oil.

Conditions Treatable With Medical Marijuana – Massachusetts

We recommend joining the state medical marijuana program if possible. Having a card gives you more legal freedoms and lets you access high-quality care. You can become a registry member if you have:

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

Adults over 21 automatically qualify for recreational marijuana, and anybody can buy hemp-based CBD. If you want to purchase medical marijuana, you need to join the state program. Sign up by following these steps:

  1. Get a certification from a program-authorized doctor. You must visit a physician registered to recommend cannabis medicine. The doctor will enter your information into the state’s registry and give you a PIN to use in your application.
  2. Sign up online. Remember to submit the requested documents such as an ID and current photo. You will also need to pay a fee.
  3. Once you get approved, you can designate up to two caregivers to help you manage your medicine.

Hemp- vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD in Massachusetts

Thanks to the Massachusetts hemp industry, CBD products produced in-state have safe and legal formulas. But, CBD medicine obtained through the state program has more benefits for patients. Join by visiting an authorized physician today.