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Medical Marijuana Laws

In the Privacy of your own home and Workers Rights


In the Privacy of your own home and Workers Rights

With more state moving towards a legalized and regulated marijuana industry, whether for medical or recreational reasons, debates over worker’s rights are making its way into the spotlight. In states where it is legal, some employees have found themselves in quite a difficult situation. They are forced to choose between their legal right to consume cannabis, and keeping their jobs. Drug... Read more

Drug Testing and Synthetic Marijuana – What’s the Relation?


Drug Testing and Spice

We’re hearing more and more about emergency room visits due to synthetic marijuana (k2/Spice/Scooby Snacks). While the substance have absolutely nothing in common with marijuana, the purpose of its creation was to mimic the effects of cannabis. Yet unlike cannabis, you could die from it and it suffer horrible side effects like kidney failure and more. While I have previously spoken about... Read more

Spice/K2 – The Result of Marijuana Prohibition


The Result of Marijuana Prohibition

There is a rise of emergency room visits due to imitation pot commonly known as Spice or K2. While some people refer to this drug as “Synthetic Marijuana”, there is really no marijuana in this at all. In reality, it’s a concoction of chemicals that are designed to mimic the ‘high’ of weed however there is no chemical resemblance to cannabis as a whole. These... Read more

How prohibition is making legal marijuana more dangerous


Marijuana and the Dangers of Prohibition

Prohibition claims to exist to make society safer. “A Drug Free America”, the ideology of hypocrites kissing their martinis while sneering at those who intoxicate differently. A system that creates immeasurable wealth and power to a select few at the expense of the many. Since the declaration of the War on Drugs in 1971, drugs have become more prevalent than ever and much cheaper in... Read more

Nebraska and Oklahoma barking up the wrong tree with their Colorado Lawsuit


Marijuana | Suing the Wrong people | Cannabis

A lawsuit by the AG of Nebraska and Oklahoma is being challenged by the Attorney General of Colorado based on the legitimacy of the claim. Essentially the lawsuit filed against Colorado’s legal marijuana industry states that because of ‘drug overflow’ the accusing states claim that it has placed a strain on their economy and that it is illegal under the CSA (Controlled Substance... Read more

Surge of New Bills To Change Face of Marijuana in Oregon


Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon legislature is expected to review at least 16 bills, with many more still in the works, in the upcoming session. The bills range from marijuana legalization, to proposed limits for medical marijuana. With so many bills on the table, its obvious to see that Oregon legislates have a number of issues they would like to address. Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, has two bills focused on... Read more

Montana To Consider Legalizing Marijuana in 2015


Montana To Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Montana is the latest state to propose bills that, if passed, would allow for the recreational use of marijuana. The bills, and proposed bills, will be going before legislature in Montana, in 2015. Introduced House Bill 173 - proposed by Rep. David “Doc” Moore, R-Missoula, proposes that state agencies be prohibited from making rules concerning the sale of marijuana if its... Read more

CT Considering Adding Medical Conditions To Marijuana Program


Connecticut Marijuana Conditions

After reviewing numerous pleas, physicians on the board of the Connecticut medical marijuana program, recently voted to include 4 additional debilitating medical conditions to the existing list of ailments, that currently allow qualifying patients to access and use medical marijuana. Joining the ranks of qualifying medical conditions, are severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis,... Read more

New Rules Qualify Children in Illinois For Medical Marijuana Program


Illinois marijuana regulations for kids

Children diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions, living in the State of Illinois, are no longer being locked out of the Illinois medical marijuana program. State officials recently released the new set of rules that amend the state's medical marijuana pilot program to include children diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions. The initial rules excluded all patients under the age... Read more

Mother Hails Marijuana As Miracle That Is Saving Her Son


Mother Hails Marijuana As Miracle

Since passing it's extremely regulated recreational cannabis program, Washington State, has experienced a significant shift, that has left its medical marijuana program largely unregulated, in comparison. Lawmakers in Olympia, are expected to review at least 3 bills in the upcoming legislative session, which could hopefully provide some clarity to the still uncertain areas of Washington state's... Read more