Medical Marijuana in Argentina

Updated on April 18, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Because the laws surrounding the use of both recreational and medical marijuana are still relatively new, it’s crucial to understand details and regulations surrounding the use of cannabis products in the country. While the personal use of marijuana in small portions and the consumption of cannabis products for medical purposes is legal in Argentina, it’s necessary to understand the country’s full marijuana policies before using it there.

Argentina’s Medical Marijuana Program

In Argentina, medical marijuana is available and legal to patients who receive a prescription from a licensed doctor or physician. The Health Ministry is responsible for creating a national register of legally accepted patients and providing this information to the public health system. All qualified individuals will not only receive access to cannabis medicine, but they’ll also receive their medication for free.

New laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana explicitly mention the legalization of hemp oils and cannabis products, but also include other marijuana-derivatives in the group of acceptable medicinal options for patients.

History of Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use in Argentina

The laws surrounding marijuana use in Argentina have altered drastically over the last few decades in an attempt to decrease drug-related crimes. In 2009, Argentina’s Supreme Court made it legal for citizens to use recreational marijuana privately and in small amounts. Pharmacies offer marijuana to residents for less than what you would pay to purchase it illegally, too.

The use of medical marijuana in Argentina is a relatively new concept for the country, which decriminalized the use of medical marijuana in March 2016. Scientific and medical research continues to be a priority in the country to expand its medical marijuana program.

Medical Marijuana Possession and Cultivation in Argentina

The Argentinian government upholds several standards surrounding the production of marijuana and the distribution beyond medical marijuana facilities. They include:

  • Possession: As of 2009, citizens can possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use in private. Certified patients can also use medical marijuana as of 2016.
  • Cultivation: Under Argentinian law, the cultivation of cannabis is illegal and punishable by law. Cultivation is restricted to certified professionals.

Telemedicine in Argentina

Argentina proactively supports the use of telemedicine in the public healthcare system and considers this form of consultations an essential component of public services. The Omint health group of the country offers a medical platform residents can access via the web, as well as video conferences patients can use to consult doctors remotely.

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Argentina

Under new government legislation, all qualifying medical marijuana patients with certified conditions can access medical marijuana through the national Health Ministry. Medical conditions that qualify for the use of cannabis in Argentina include chronic pain and aches that are difficult to treat, various forms of epilepsy, autism and more.

Accessing a Medical Marijuana Card

All Argentinian residents who qualify for medical marijuana can access cannabis products and medication for free through the public health system. The nation Health Ministry maintains a national registry of qualified patients. Currently, citizens are working toward approving a bill that would grant medical marijuana users the right to cultivate their own products, too.

Facts About Medical Marijuana in Argentina

While the legalization of medical marijuana is still a fairly new concept to the country, here’s a look at what we know about cannabis use in Argentina thus far:

  • Medical marijuana use was legalized in the provinces of Chubut and Santa Fe before it was decriminalized in the entire country.
  • Before medical cannabis use was decriminalized in 2016, legislation tolerated the use of marijuana for medical purposes without passing any laws that specifically prevented patrons from using this substance for treatment.

Medical Marijuana Penalties in Argentina

Under law 23.737, it’s illegal for the public to grow plants and distribute their buds or products derived from them to external sources. Selling and cultivating recreation and medical marijuana imposes a penalty on residents of Argentina who commit this offense — offenders can receive a prison sentence between four to 15 years in length and are subject to a variety of fines.

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