Argentina Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information

Updated on January 31, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Unlike many other civilians of different South American countries who lack access to a certified medical marijuana treatment program, individuals in Argentina are fortunate to have access to the medical cannabis necessary to alleviate their chronic symptoms. All the medicine necessary for treatment is also provided free of cost — patients simply need a doctor recommendation first.

The Benefits of Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Argentina

In order to access marijuana in compliance with the law with guaranteed safety, you must register with a planned national program that regulates the distribution of cannabis. Because the laws surrounding personal and recreational use are still tricky, it’s essential to register as a medical patient to avoid penalties.

Prior to the legalization of medical marijuana, any individual receiving cannabis medication was at risk of receiving a prison sentence of one to six years in length, as well as a fine. Now, patients do not have to worry about the risk of fines or dangerous marijuana products, as the government provides all necessary medications to qualified individuals free of charge.

The Process of Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in Argentina

Currently, Argentina residents do not have access to a certified medical marijuana card that is necessary for the prescription of medical cannabis. Instead, all qualified patients must register with a planned national program governed by the Ministry of Health.

For the time being, all individuals who qualify for medical cannabis are on a list authorized by the Ministry of Health who regulates the distribution of marijuana. Not all conditions are authorized, so individuals seeking medical marijuana treatment must consult with a certified doctor first. Common health issue approved for cannabis use in Argentina include epilepsy, HIV, osteoarthritis, autism and more.

If a doctor rejects your medical condition, you can always seek a second opinion via Argentina’s growing telemedicine industry. Once approved, you’ll receive your medication free of charge.

Recertification Process for Medical Marijuana in Argentina

Because Argentina does not have an official medical marijuana card program in place, all certified individuals must simply have a doctor evaluate their condition on a fragmentary basis. As with most health issues, continued treatment plans and medication depend on the need for ongoing treatment.

Receiving continual treatment required patients to remain in good standing with their health care provider while maintaining healthy patient habits. Any side effects or issues should immediately be reported to the patient’s physician so they can adjust the cannabis medication appropriately. A doctor will help assist you with your medication and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Since the Ministry of Health is primarily responsible for overseeing the list of individuals who have access to medical marijuana, be sure to reach out to this organization for further details whenever necessary.

Certification for Doctors in Argentina

When Argentina’s senate approved the legislative bill to legalize cannabis oil and products for medical purposes, it granted the state the authority to prescribe and distribute all necessary products. Thus, certification for medical cannabis in Argentina rests more within the power of the government and Ministry of Health officials.

Any individual seeking medical marijuana must receive a proper diagnosis before becoming a qualified patient. After it’s determined that their medical conditions could potentially benefit from cannabis use, qualified individuals must join the nation’s research program to receive free treatment from the Ministry of Health.

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