Marijuana News Round-Up October 29, 2021

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 10/29/2021 in Medical Marijuana

Marijuana News October 29, 2021 Marijuana Doctors

This week, one of the big headlines in marijuana news is the big fight brewing in Texas over Delta-8. Many residents may not be aware that there is a new ban on Delta-8. And possession of Delta-8 products could land you some serious charges and prison time. 

Social equity programs exist in states that have legalized cannabis for medical or adult use. What does that mean for black Americans that want to start a business or service in the cannabis industry? 

In 2020, cannabis was the best-selling breakaway product in the United States. Besides toilet paper during the first year of Covid-19. States saw hundreds of millions (and in some cases billions) of dollars in sales. Curious about where that tax money is going? We investigated. 

Sunday is Halloween! Are you one of those people that waits all year to pull out all the spooky stops? If you are, you may just have one of these creative Halloween-themed bongs in your house this weekend. Curl up on the couch with a blanket and check out some of these classic horror movies that have unforgettable weed moments. 

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Texas Hemp Laws

Marijuana News: The Long Arm of the Law Came for Delta-8 in Texas

Have you ever wondered why Texans with health conditions were not complaining about the 1% low-THC cap on medical cannabis? Or the fact that the state has no retail dispensaries like almost every other state? Well, they had Delta-8 that they could quietly and legally use. 

But not anymore. The first efforts to amend legislation that would make Delta-8 illegal to use started in May 2021. And then they parked it for summer vacation, returning in October to complete the job. Delta-8 is now legally banned in Texas. And using it, or possessing it, carries the same harsh penalties as Delta-9 or conventional cannabis charges. 

The state is not doing a great job of informing consumers about the change. Neither are new media outlets. Are Texans unknowingly at risk of a felony drug offense for using something that was legal a few weeks ago? 

Read:Battle to Decriminalize Delta-8 Starts in Texas”. 

Spooky Movies With Great Weed Moments

Have you ever seen an everyday hero save a damsel in distress with a massive bong? You may have forgotten the epic scene in “Cabin in the Woods,” but we didn’t. Also, we’re kind of obsessed with that telescopic travel coffee cup incognito bong. 

When you check out some scary movies to watch this weekend, don’t miss out on some of the 420-friendly scenes that will make your eyes smile. But what you don’t want to do is smoke one of those psychedelic cannabis strains on Halloween. Stuff can get weird, particularly when the ghouls and goblins start marching the streets on Sunday night. 

Read:Scary Marijuana Moments in Movies.” 

People of Color (POC) Should Not Be Excluded from the Green Rush 

In many states, social equity programs are a start to repair some of the damage done by the “war on drugs.” People of color (POC) in America are 4x’s to 12x’s more likely to be arrested on a cannabis charge than white people. And that arrest bias has, over the decades, impacted black communities in a negative way. 

Reparation is an attempt to try to make it better. And social equity programs address it in a variety of different ways. Expungement of personal use and non-violent cannabis charges is one important step so that a criminal record doesn’t hinder the life trajectory of a black American. 

One felony (or even a misdemeanor) charge can impact where you live (rent qualifications), employment and how much you make, grants and scholarships, and much more. Not to mention years spent incarcerated for a small amount of cannabis. 

How does social equity work? Who can qualify for it in a state that has a cannabis social equity program? We explain why these programs are more than a gesture; they are critical to righting decades of wrongs done to generations of POC in America. 

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Where Does All the Marijuana Tax Money Go?

Millions of dollars in tax revenues. Hundreds of millions in most cases. The explosion of cannabis sales in the first year of the pandemic provided a fiscal rescue for many states. Particularly those that had legalized both adult-use and medical marijuana. 

The states that have not legalized cannabis or passed recreational use laws may be hastening to draft new legislation. Because as the pandemic continues, states are being hit hard by Covid-19 related costs, increased unemployment, and other budget denting problems. 

We looked at the top nine states and the per capita tax revenues they earned from cannabis sales in 2020. And researched where those tax dollars were going. 

Read: “What Are the Top 9 States Doing with Cannabis Tax Money?

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