Join the 420 After Party! Celebs and Musicians Still Spreading Love

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/21/2020 in Medical Marijuana

There are few more fun ways to celebrate 420 than attending a live event complete with music, celebrities, and cannabis culture. But this year, COVID-19-related social distancing guidelines meant that many live 420 events were cancelled while others went exclusively online. 

Come and Toke It 

The most talked-about 420 event of the day was Come and Toke It, a multi-hour virtual show hosted by Willie Nelson on the eve of his 87th birthday to raise money for the Last Prisoner Project and promote his signature cannabis brand. The country singer and weed legend talked cannabis culture with dozens of guests ranging from chefs to comedians to everyday folks sharing their marijuana success stories. 

Musicians, jamming from basements and living rooms, were front and center on this show—their soulful, acoustic tunes make this well worth the watch. To top it off, Ziggy Marley wished Willie a happy birthday with a riff on his father’s classic song weed song, One Love. 

The Last Prisoner Project is a not-for-profit with a mission to free all prisoners convicted of nonviolent cannabis offenses.

Chronic Relief

Another virtual 420 watch party, Chronic Relief, featured artists, comedians, and entertainers of all stripes working to raise funds for Feeding America while celebrating the event one guest called, “the highest, holiest day for cannabis worldwide.”

At a moment when many Americans face financial stresses, this event sought to raise awareness about food insecurity and tap into the generous spirit behind cannabis culture. Chronic Relief featured short appearances by well-known industry folks like Danny Danko, the longtime editor of High Times, and Vivian McPeak, founder of the iconic 420 event known as Seattle Hemp Fest. 

Other guests included football player Ricki Williams with a comedic take on yoga and herb, and teenage cannabis activist, Rylie Maedler. A medical marijuana patient who’s recovered from bone cancer, Maedler told the audience that she began advocating for laws in favor of medical marijuana access because, “I wanted sick children to have a better quality of life, like I did, with cannabis.”

You can still catch Chronic Relief and Come and Toke It, or donate directly to Feeding America and the Last Prisoner Project

In both live shows, sponsors plugged cannabis-related products; meanwhile, cannabis culture for all kinds of users—from the medical to the recreational side of the spectrum and everything in between—was feted with marijuana aplenty. The overarching message from both shows? Stay home, stay safe. Give back if you can. And enjoy legal weed. 

You can still catch Chronic Relief and Come and Toke It, or donate directly to Feeding America and the Last Prisoner Project

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