CBD Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms in Marijuana Dependence

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/23/2019 in CBD Resources

A new study found that CBD may reduce withdrawal symptoms in heavy marijuana users aiming to cut their cannabis consumption, the Daily Mail reported.

Researchers at University College London wanted to test whether CBD, or cannabidiol, a key cannabis ingredient that calms but does not produce a “high,” would reduce anxiety and insomnia when patients weaned themselves off of marijuana. They divided 82 patients diagnosed as severely addicted to marijuana into four groups and gave each group either a placebo capsule or varying doses of CBD for a month.

The patients were then followed for six months and had regular urine tests for THC. The study found that 400 mg of CBD (the middle dose) halved the amount of cannabis that users smoked after six months compared with the placebo, according to The New Scientist. A lower dose had no effect and a higher dose did not improve the results. Patients on 400 mg of CBD had more than twice as many THC-free days compared to those on placebo.

The researchers, who called the findings “really remarkable,” believe the anti-anxiety effects of CBD helped the patients reduce their marijuana intake. The results were presented at New Scientist Live, a science festival.

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