How to Create Your Own Strain


There are myriad reasons why people decide to create their own strains of cannabis. A cannabis strain is a specific variety of cannabis sativa plant that consistently reproduces the same characteristic traits, like aromas, flavors, and medicinal effects. Some people breed new cannabis plan Read More

Grower’s Guide: How To Clone A Cannabis Plant


The process of cloning cannabis plants is an important skill for every cultivator to know. Cloning is when someone produces new cannabis plants with the same genetics as another plant. The process often involves using the cuttings taken from an original plant, known as the “mother plant, Read More

Seeded Buds: Why Does My Weed Have Seeds?


Seeded weed may not seem like a big deal. But having seeds in your weed impacts the overall quality and potency of the cannabis flower: including the production of valuable cannabinoids and trichomes. This phenomenon is not limited to just one region; it's something that can happen in an Read More

Cannabis Grow Guide: Understanding the Cannabis Light Cycle


Regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors, your cannabis plants will adhere to two standard light cycles, with the exception of auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Unlike regular cannabis seeds or clones, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are typically left under a 20-hour light cycle from Read More

Organic Marijuana


You may have noticed that medical marijuana patients tend to have a more holistic approach to life than other kinds of patients. Perhaps you consider yourself one of them. Even if you don't consider yourself a "hippie," you might have an interest in natural medicine now that you've experie Read More

How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Bud Rot on Marijuana Plants


If you’re a medical marijuana grower, the odds are you’ve had to deal with bud rot at one point or another. Bud rot is one of the nastiest diseases your plants can get. It’s a fungus that attacks the weed plant and then spreads rapidly to the buds, destroying everything in its path. Read More

How to Grow Cannabis for Juicing


Whether you want to grow cannabis for making a smoothie every morning or for using it for juicing, there are a few pointers needed, especially if you are not an expert. Sometimes it is hard to get hands on marijuana oil or it might just be a bit on the expensive size. Consuming raw cannabi Read More

Genetically Modified Marijuana


With the widespread recognition of medical marijuana, big time agribusinesses are gaining the opportunity to hone in on the major cash crop. With millions to be made in the cannabis industry, giant agricultural biotechnology company, Monsanto, has announced plans to introduce newly develop Read More

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