How to Grow Cannabis for Juicing

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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/12/2015 in Growing

Cannabis for Juicing

Whether you want to grow cannabis for making a smoothie every morning or for using it for juicing, there are a few pointers needed, especially if you are not an expert. Sometimes it is hard to get hands on marijuana oil or it might just be a bit on the expensive size. Consuming raw cannabis is an excellent way to take in all the properties of the cannabinoids necessary to up health to the maximum state. The upside of this is you won’t get the “high” feeling.

What seeds do I use?

Buying seeds would be the best to ensure you have prime quality, but if by any means you do have seeds available, be sure to look at the quality. The seeds should have a brown to gray color. Those that are pale green to white should be removed. At this point is it is not possible to tell if the seeds are female or male.

Wet a piece of cotton fleece or tissue paper with distilled water and put seeds on it. Cover it then with another piece, wet that too. Put all of this in a plastic bag and put it in the windowsill for a few days

Potting the seeds

After about 3 days the sprouted seeds could be put in a small pot, about 10 cm deep to ensure the roots to grow. New growers might want to buy nutrient- rich potting soil at the gardening section at first. It is important to check on the PH balance, nutrients and oxygen levels. During this phase it will need constant light and the surface needs to be moist.


Keep plants under light, always about 10cm away.

Two weeks later:

After constantly misting the plants without drowning it, the plants will be ready to be repotted to a 5 liter pot or something similar. At this stage, the plant will need about 12 hours light. In natural light it happens natural. So an environment has to be created where they have constant light (400 watts is good), not too hot though. Watering is now reduced to once every 3 days. Be careful not to over saturate the plant.

Determining the sex of the plant

After 2 to 3 weeks the sex of the plant can be determined. A male plant will have something that looks like little pollen sacks on the end of the branches coming out of the main stem.  A female plant has at the end of the branches little hairy growths that would develop finally into flowers. At this point any male plants have to be removed to stop fertilization.

Next stage: feeding and reaching maturity

For juicing purposes, the flowering stage is not that important. Having leaves available is what the goal is.


There is obviously more detail involved and growing your own cannabis will require some research too. It might even take some time, but don’t give up! There is power in the green stuff!

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