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5 Reasons to Keep Talking to Your Doctor After You Get a Medical Card


The first health evaluation a patient has for their medical card can be intimidating. The concept of legalized medical marijuana is new to everyone. But the social stigma about cannabis remains. And patients can feel a little nervous about their first medical card health evaluation. Read More

Doctor Resources: How to Get Certified to Recommend Medical Marijuana


The burgeoning cannabis field is an exciting frontier for patients and physicians, but it’s also fraught with liabilities and unknowns. Constantly changing state and local regulations make the prospect of recommending medical marijuana to patients a daunting, or even risky, prospect for Read More

Using Google My Business to Drive Cannabis Traffic


As cannabis becomes more and more accepted as a viable medical treatment, more patients are turning to Google to help them find cannabis-friendly doctors. If you are already marketing your practice to non-medical marijuana patients, you likely know the value of maintaining a robust presenc Read More

How to Know If Medical Marijuana Is Right for Your Patient


As a doctor in the 21st century, you may be asking yourself, "Is medical marijuana right for my patients?" With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in most U.S. states, many doctors are weighing the pros and cons of medical marijuana treatment for their patients. However, doctors Read More

What Doctors Should Know About Recommending Marijuana in Florida


Medical marijuana became legal in Florida on November 8, 2016, when the majority of voters approved Florida's medical marijuana legalization initiative. Although patients, dispensaries and physicians are obligated to follow certain rules and regulations, eligible Florida residents can now Read More

How to Recommend Medical Marijuana


With medical marijuana only beginning to establish its place in the medical field, there are few useful resources for doctors on how to recommend cannabis to patients. You may recognize the health benefits medical marijuana can have for your patients, but are unsure of how to become a mari Read More

What Doctors Should Know About Recommending Marijuana in New York


Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 29 U.S. states. New York joined the crusade in July 2014, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature passed the Compassionate Care Act. The law aims to regulate the "manufacture, sale and use of medical marijuana." The act also str Read More

What Doctors Should Know About Recommending Marijuana in Pennsylvania


The medical cannabis program in Pennsylvania is underway, and its ultimate success depends on the quick involvement of doctors. Currently, more than 350 physicians are approved by the state of Pennsylvania to certify patients for the medical marijuana program. Another 300 or so more are Read More

Florida Medical Marijuana Course for Doctors


Do you want to offer your patients a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals? Florida doctors must go through the proper training before they can write a medical marijuana recommendation. To get a license to recommend cannabis medicine, you must follow the steps required by the state. Who Read More

Medical Marijuana Patient Consent


While medical marijuana is recognized as a viable treatment for patients suffering from certain conditions, the legal ramifications are more delicate. Studies show — and clinical trials continue to demonstrate — that there are several medicinal uses for cannabis products. Medical marij Read More

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