Dispensaries Guide – Chapter 5

Choosing MarijuanaDoctors.com as Your Online Medical Marijuana Dispensary Portal

As the healthcare community realizes the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, medical marijuana continues its growth in this industry. Dispensaries and producers need to be prepared to meet this growing need. MarijuanaDoctors.com is a resource you can use for marketing your business and connecting with patients. Our site provides a reliable scheduling and appointment portal that you can utilize to communicate with those in need in your region.

MarijuanaDoctors.com represents a predominant portion of the medical marijuana market. Since its inception, we have established relationships with hundreds of thousands of patients in your marketplace. In states with newly enacted medical marijuana programs, MD is responsible for:

  • Educating patients seeking information about their state’s medical marijuana program
  • Helping patients locate and select a local physician
  • Once qualified, directing patients to a local dispensary or producer to obtain their medicine

This is a crucial step for physicians concerned about the risks and liabilities associated with medical steering and other HIPAA or federal violations.

A Different Kind of Patient Experience

MarijuanaDoctors.com is the gateway to all things medical marijuana and it is the starting point for any patient looking for information about medical marijuana in their state. Unlike our competitors, we are a one-stop resource for patients so that their medical marijuana needs are met in one location. In order to best serve our patients, we provide information about:

  • Medical marijuana laws
  • Availability of physicians in patients’ areas
  • On-demand access to physicians and pharmacists
  • Details on dispensing options
  • Delivery services
  • Ancillary products
  • Easy online ordering
  • Automated product ordering


As a Medical Service Organization (MSO), we deliver standards complying with HIPAA and protect patient information. Our system connects patients to physicians and pharmacists alike, creating the first ecosystem where patients can virtually navigate their state medical and recreational marijuana programs.
Plus, security checks and balances ensure that deliveries and sales can only be obtained legally, taking the pressure off our patients.

Our company has integrated and automated the medical marijuana recommendation process – from:

  • Researching the requirements within the patients’ states
  • Scheduling appointments with qualifying physicians
  • Finding a dispensary to fill medical marijuana recommendations
  • Ordering home deliveries from participating dispensaries or utilizing in-store pickups
  • Monthly renewals of these services.