Dispensaries Guide – Chapter 2

Generating Patient Flow Using Our Online Network

Given MD’s position in the medical marijuana marketplace, we have the ability to monopolize the patient flow generated by the physicians operating within our online network.

When a patient books through MarijuanaDoctors.com online calendaring and appointment scheduling services, they are also able to schedule a telemedicine visit for a first-time consultation with dispensaries and producers, with the objective of finalizing their order and scheduling a time for either pick-up or delivery.

This step follows once a patient has received a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician seen either in-person or via MD’s telehealth portal.

MarijuanaDoctors.com Virtual Dispensary Listing


Because of MD’s infrastructure, producers are now in a position to create locally indexed SEO that will generate a patient funnel directly to them. Each producer page hosted by MD features dedicated content detailing the relevant information about the dispensary, such as:

  • Dispensary details
  • Hours of operation
  • Cannabis menu
  • Patient reviews
  • Request appointment button
  • Digital phone numbers

Joint functionality enables the dispensary’s pharmacist to schedule appointments with patients and automate the delivery process thereby methodically streamlining the entire process, from patient to payment. Dispensaries also have access to the telehealth portal by which they may consult with patients online, instead of in-person.

Becoming a Featured Advertiser

Dispensaries may also choose to become featured advertisers, opting for advanced placement in the state and city static listings, which always come up first in the search results.

By paying for a featured listing, a producer ensures their listing will populate at the top of all the relevant search results. A system like this gives licensed medical marijuana providers the benefit of vertically integrating into the market, by directly targeting and marketing to patients and physicians in the relevant regions — a key element to building a profitable medical marijuana company that will continue to grow.


Services Provided by MarijuanaDoctors.com

All this functionally has been integrated into the MarijuanaDoctors.com app and mobile site, essentially creating a one-stop shop catering to all a patient’s medical marijuana needs. Now patients can use our site to:

  • Manage their 90-day medical marijuana recommendation
  • Schedule their required return doctor visits every three months
  • See the physician for evaluation using telemedicine
  • Obtain medical marijuana directly from a producer
  • Schedule a delivery

The system is also designed to send physicians updates on their patients, allowing doctors to now monitor patients in real-time.

Online Outreach for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

With the aid of developers and content creators, MarijuanaDoctors.com can create a scalable online solution to operate initially as a go-to-market strategy. Soon after, a permanent approach is designed to generate a digital footprint and ensure ample organic traffic from local web searches. This results in new customers for your dispensary without a need for paid performance on online search platforms.

Some marketing strategies we utilize include:

    • Dispensary Virtual Listing: Your dispensary’s virtual listing on MarijuanaDoctors.com acts as your personal landing page on our site. It allows you to market your services and maintain steady patient flow. Thousands of potential patients search our site for information about medical marijuana and having a virtual listing helps you connect with them.
    • Market Share for Your Specific Region: With the implement of a zip code system, MD allows producers to lock down regions for each patient in their geo-target territory, in cities across each of the states. This will enable dispensaries to gain market share for a specific area. From the producer dashboard on the backend of MarijuanaDoctors.com, you can track the success of your campaign exactly like Google AdWords. Except now your pay-per-zip is pay-per-patient, with a true conversion at the point a delivery or in-store pickup is scheduled during a telehealth consult.


  • Email Campaigns: Email campaigns can be effectively crafted to notify our pre-existing marketplace, i.e. the patients, that a particular dispensary and its products are now available. This will not only inform patients that your business is a viable option, but it will also highlight your dispensary as being the quickest, easiest and safest solution for purchasing medical marijuana.

These are strategies we believe will allow us to optimally monetize each patient that funnels through MD. But we are certainly open to any other ideas you may have regarding a collaboration or partnership, and would most definitely like to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have.