Dispensaries Guide – Chapter 3

Promoting Products on MarijuanaDoctors.com

MarijuanaDoctors.com has the unique advantage to not only educate patients about the different producers available to them but to also promote their products, highlighting the leading choices for obtaining consistently safe medicines. This system makes the process of getting medicine as simple as ordering vitamins from Amazon.com, having a pharmaceutical prescription delivered to your front door or seeing your psychologist from the comfort of your couch.


Marketing on MD advertises the producer’s brand to the medical marijuana industry, identifying it as a sound solution for patients seeking compassionate care. Furthermore, producers have the opportunity to become synonymous with the medicine of marijuana, as both patients and physicians will start to associate the company as an industry leader. MarijuanaDoctors.com is in the position to put select producers on the frontline of medical marijuana and at the forefront of the conversations.

This type of marketing utilizes several approaches:

  • Target Audience: Depending on the nature of their condition or ailment, MarijuanaDoctors.com can promote product ads directly to the patients who need them. If a producer has specific formulations for certain symptoms or diseases, we can promote these products directly to the target audience.
  • Utilizing the Booking System: MD can serve ads to both patients and physicians as they funnel through the booking system, giving us the ability to highlight the appropriate products as they correspond to the patient’s particular health problems and the physician’s field of medical specialty.
  • Expanded Services: As recreational marijuana becomes legal, we are happy to expand our online shopping and scheduling services to people in those states. Our company will continue to grow, integrating new services and adding international territories to our expansive list of resources.

Assistance Establishing a Dispensary Location

We offer detailed data to dispensaries who register with MarijuanaDoctors.com. This provides distinct advantages to businesses looking to pick locations for retail operations. We can provide information about:

  • Which cities have the highest search volumes
  • Physical doctor’s locations who are responsible for patients in said areas
  • Establishing an online presence with geo-targeted territories


These physician addresses can be used as a starting point to strategically pick locations that would be clearly visible to the local patient traffic who are now required to return to the physician every 90 days.

Once your dispensary is established, you can utilize the software solutions made available through the producer’s section of MarijuanaDoctors.com. Our resources make setting up shop simpler, as they allow you to:

  • Organize the intake of patients through telemedicine
  • Update patient information and simultaneously notify physicians of the update
  • Organize calendaring and delivery modules to efficiently streamline the business, as well as the market share it has created