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... qualified physician who issues a physician certification for a qualified ... Specify qualifying patient's medical condition of the same kind or class as or ...Read More ›

Ohio Adds New Qualifying Health Condition for Medical Cannabis ...

Jul 14, 2020 ... Patients in Ohio with a condition called cachexia can now apply for a medical cannabis card. Cachexia is common among cancer patients.Read More ›

Oregon Medical Marijuana Laws & Doctors | MjD

Those who qualify for medical marijuana can use it to help ease symptoms of their medical condition. Who Qualifies for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon? A ...Read More ›

Connecticut Expands Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana ...

Jun 23, 2020 ... Connecticut added two additional qualifying conditions to its medical marijuana program. CT currently has one of the longest lists of ...Read More ›

Washington, D.C. Medical Marijuana Doctors | Marijuana Doctors

Connect with medical marijuana doctors in DC. Access legal cannabis treatment options for qualifying conditions.Read More ›

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Doctors | Marijuana Doctors

Pennsylvania residents who are 18 years of age or older, as well as have a qualifying health condition and a patient certification from a doctor, can qualify ...Read More ›

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Laws & Doctors | MjD

The New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program allows certain patients to use medical marijuana for the treatment of qualifying conditions and ...Read More ›

Texas Patients? This is the News You Were Waiting For

Nov 13, 2020 ... The current qualifying health conditions for medical marijuana in Texas are: Intractable Epilepsy (and other seizure disorders); Multiple ...Read More ›

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Aug 31, 2020 ... What Health Conditions Qualify for a PA Medical Marijuana Card? The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program initially launched with a list of 17 ...Read More ›

Medical Marijuana in Montana - Marijuana Doctors

Patients must have at least one of the qualifying health conditions approved by the state to apply for a medical card. In 2021 the health conditions that make a ...Read More ›