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THC has long been considered synonymous with marijuana. However, let us try to understand this component of marijuana in greater detail.

THC is the chemical component in marijuana, which is responsible for the high it provides on consumption. THC is a type of cannabinoid, which are chemical compounds found in ample amounts in the marijuana plant. There are more than 100 types of cannabinoids, but THC is the most common and prevalent amongst all of them.

Our body also naturally produces Cannabinoids such as “Anandamide” and “2AG”. Our body has a system in place, wherein these components bind to the cannabinoid receptors present in the brain and nervous system of us human beings, to produce a euphoric high in our body.

Plant Cannabinoids like THC also react with the receptors in the same way, causing a feeling of euphoria in the human body. No two people experience the exact same type of high from THC. This is because the high you feel is dependent on a large number of aspects unique to you such as the chemistry of your body, your feelings and emotions at the moment, how accustomed to marijuana consumption you are.

A lot of people also report feeling lazy and experiencing a dry mouth while high. However, the type of high experience can also be largely dependent on the strain of Marijuana being consumed. Each strain has a different percentage of THC content. While one strain can trigger feelings of anxiety in an individual, another can trigger unending laughter. It all comes down to finding the right one for you.

What are cannabis strains? They are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus cannabis, which includes the species C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. To learn more, check out directory of cannabis strains so you can identify which meets your health requirements best.

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