CO2 Cannabis

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CO2, or carbon dioxide in its liquid form, is an element used to extract active compounds from cannabis plants. Cannabis concentrate made using CO2 is commonly referred to as CO2 oil.

Under this umbrella, there are several sub-categories of concentrate such as CO2 hash oil, shatter and CO2 wax. To make CO2 oil, producers soak the cannabis plant in liquid CO2, this allows the carbon dioxide to strip the plant of its cannabinoids. Once the chemical process is complete, the plant matter is removed and pressure and heat are manipulated in order to vaporize the CO2.

A potent concentrate of pure cannabis extract will be left behind. The resulting product is then used in the treatment of various medical conditions. The use of CO2 in cannabis extraction is highly beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas, our bodies produce it.
  • It is far safer than butane, as it is nonflammable and it leaves no harmful by products.
  • It is more environmentally friendly as it does not increase carbon emissions.
  • CO2 as a solvent can extract a large number of cannabinoids from plants, to get the best product.
  • CO2 extraction also allows the product to be customized into different consistencies: oils, wax or resin.

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