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A clone in cannabis cultivation is an identical genetic reproduction of the parent plant. Growers opt for this type of asexual propagation as this process offers multiple advantages over cultivating marijuana from seeds. It is faster to work with clones as cultivators don’t have to go through the germination stage. Gowers can increase the number of harvests every year as they get to skip this phase.

As every cultivator wants to reproduce the genetics of their top cannabis plants, they find cloning a reliable process than sexual propagation. Clones help growers cut down on costs and use of resources there is the guarantee that every plant is female. Cultivators also find it easier to create multiple copies of the parent plant with this technique.

Another advantage of using clones over seeds is that cultivators can use the same nutrients and feeding schedules, as they did for the mother cannabis plant. One downside of cloning is that it increases vulnerability. Unfavorable conditions can wipe out plants of the same genetics, which can result in significant losses for growers. It is essential to keep in mind that if the mother plant is carrying pests or diseases, the clone will suffer from the same problems.

The best place to buy clones is from dispensaries, as they follow high-quality control standards. Due to this reason, you are more likely to get the characteristics you want from the plant. If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable dispensaries to purchase clones, visit today. You can use their directory to search for dispensaries close to your location.

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