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Citronellol is an extremely potent terpene with a fresh and citrusy aroma. The stems and leaves of the lemongrass plant are believed to be its plant origin. It is the key component in the citronella essential oil which is said to be originating from Sri Lanka.

Citronellol is widely used in products like mosquito repellents and perfumes. It is also present in CBD products; categorically in the different geraniol varieties of cannabis. According to ongoing research, this terpene may prove to have pain-relieving qualities via various anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Inflammation plays a major role in the formation of tumors or cancerous cells. At the same time, other studies suggest that citronellol has noticeable inhibitory effects on muscle spasms. Cannabis that contains the flavor and aroma of citronellol can also be perceived to be similar to honey, geraniums or passion fruit.

Cannabis strains can potentially help you to get quick & easy relief from the symptoms you’re suffering. Mapping out terpene profiles help in predicting the medicinal values of the varieties of cannabis strains. The sources of medical marijuana vary from one to another.

Different strains produce different effects and are thus used distinctively for different reasons. There are approximately thousands of strains available in the market. Look up the marijuana strain directory of to make the decision that best suits your medical needs.

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