Certificate of Analysis

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What is a COA (Certificate of Analysis)? The document issued by an accredited third-party analytical testing lab confirming that a CBD product or a medical marijuana product has met the regulatory standards and passed quality check is known as a Certificate of Analysis.

The contents of this certificate include the list of ingredients as well as the test result of the strain. The document also offers specific information in relation to the number of different cannabinoids, heavy metals, terpenes, pesticides, moisture content, residual solvents, and foreign materials that are present in a product. A quality and law-abiding CBD manufacturer will send every batch of each product for lab testing in order to reveal the composition of the product, as it is, to the customers.

Mislabeled products are in plenty in the market due to lack of specific industry standards. This can affect the quality of the product and deceive the buyers at the same time. Thus, having COA’s are a must today, for all CBD manufacturers to establish viability and trust among customers.

More than often, it is difficult to get the COA of a product before purchase. You can always directly contact the company to request a COA. However, most products come with a QR code on the label. Many companies have this information online. You can scan the QR code which can take you to the product’s COA available on the manufacturer’s website.

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