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Carding has two meanings in the cannabis industry. The first refers to a process of separating trichomes from dried cannabis flowers. To conduct this task, you need a plastic card, which you will use to drag the material through different screens. The goal of this activity is to remove additional plant material that will be present with dried marijuana flowers.

The second meaning of carding is the process of verifying whether you meet the government requirements for purchasing and consuming cannabis products in your area of residence. Dispensary staff members are the ones who will conduct a compliance check to ensure you are of the legal age to acquire these types of products. If you are purchasing cannabis for medical reasons, you need a recommendation regarding the same. This is exclusive of the identification card you need to make any marijuana-related purchase.

When it comes to cannabis consumption, it is always better to keep your official identification card with you at all times. It is essential to keep in mind that the rules and regulations depend on your location. Dispensaries make it mandatory to carry official identification cards. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines, along with termination of their license for legal operation.

As the rules and regulations on cannabis products and their consumption vary depending on the location, it is essential that you read up about them. gives you all the resources you need to learn about the different laws on these products. You can also use the directory of to search for licensed and certified doctors to receive recommendations for medical marijuana consumption.

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