Carb Cap

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A carb cap is an accessory used in smoking the dab which if used helps in preserving the quality and flavor of the dab concentrate. In a carb cap, the airflow is restricted therefore increasing the pressure in that area. The high pressure, as a result, makes the concentrate evaporate at a much lower temperature than usual. Smoking at a low temperature retains the taste and the potency of the concentrate.

Types of Carb Caps:

There are many different types of carb caps which one can find in the market these days. Though the purpose of each one is the same, they just differ in their design and appearance.

Some popular types of carb caps are discussed below:

  • Standard Carb Caps: These type of carb caps are really simple in design with just a rounded cap and a handle to hold during the dabbing
  • Bubble Carb Caps: These carb caps are named so because of their design which makes them look like a bubble. They have a hollow stem on both sides of the cap which can also be used to hold it during the dab process. These carb caps can also be rotated thus moving the concentrate across the banger faster
  • Directional Carb Caps: Directional carb caps have a carb hole, a thin angled stem that extends from the bottom of the cap as can be seen in the image below. The airflow passing through the stem makes the concentrate evaporate quickly along with retaining the quality of the smoke.

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