Cannabitriol (CBT)

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Researchers have been able to isolate a new cannabinoid called Cannabitriol, or CBT, from the marijuana plant. CBT occurs only in a small amount of cannabis and further research needs to be done pertaining to its health or euphoric effects. It has been found that CBT has a structure similar to THC, a primary psychoactive compound that produces high effects.

First reported in 2014, it is yet to be studied whether Cannabitriol is psychoactive or has any therapeutic benefits. Since Cannabitriol is found in very small quantities and not in all cannabis plants, makes the research studies even more difficult. Marijuana legalization issue is another drawback in conducting detailed research on the cannabis compounds.

Though not much is known about Cannabitriol (CBT), one can check out other strains of cannabis which have been studied in some detail regarding their health benefits. There are a plethora of cannabis strains that can be explored and not all cannabis are the same. Different strains of cannabis can have varied effects. Its quite possible that by exploring, you might just find a strain suitable for your ailment.

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