Cannabinol (CBN) Benefits

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Cannabis is made up of a large number of components known as cannabinoids. These are chemical components, which offer Cannabis it’s unique characteristics. The two most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD. CBN is another major but lesser-known cannabinoid found in Cannabis.

CBN is created when another cannabinoid, THC is aged in the presence of a large amount of oxygen. Basically, oxidizing THC for a significant amount of time converts it to CBN. Due to this, you will find significantly more CBN content in the older strains of Marijuana. A major point of differentiation between THC and CBN is that CBN does not have any intoxicating properties when consumed by itself.

There are a large number of health benefits associated with CBN such as:

Antibacterial Agent – Quite a few studies conducted on CBN have shown that it might have significant anti-bacterial properties.

Strengthens Your Nervous System – Consumption of CBN has also been associated with an improved nervous system. Studies conducted on patients suffering from the Nervous disorder ALS found that CBN provides them relief from its symptoms and can also delay the onset of these symptoms.

Increased Appetite – Consuming CBN can be helpful in combating diseases which kill your appetite, since it can act as an appetite stimulant.

Sedative – This particular property has been met with quite a bit of scrutiny. A large number of experts believe that CBN in combination with THC can act as a very strong sedative. This can help induce sleep in individuals having diseases such as insomnia.

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