Cannabigerolic Acid

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Cannabigerolic Acid ( CBGA) is a cannabinoid that is a precursor for common cannabinoids, the most notable being cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When heated, the raw form THCA is converted into other molecules such as THC. The molecule THCA is is also converted from CBGA when enzymes within this acid known as synthases react within.

The non-acidic form on CBGA is cannabigerol – CBG. CBGA is converted to CBG when there is heat applied – quite similar to the way THCA is converted to THC.

CBGA, to be used safely is usually as CBG, where it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and shows potential for many forms of therapy, such as working as an anti-inflammatory agent, fighting cancer, regulating moods, and even fighting cancer. Apparently, it also has potent antibacterial properties which make it a great asset for medicine.

For one wishing to consume medical marijuana which high does of CBG, the following strains are recommended:

  • Alien OG – a hard-hitting hybrid – it works very well as a relaxant
  • Allen Wrench – a hybrid, though it is Sativa Dominant. It is known to keep consumers both focused and relaxed.
  • Animal Cookies – an Indica dominant hybrid bred in an attempt to improve the famed Girl Scout cookie strain. Keeps one happy and relaxed, and also helps with sleeping problems.
  • Dynamite OG – a small Indica strain. Dynamite OG had been reported to be quite creatively fulfilling, allowing consumers of this strain to work with creativity and ease

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