Cannabidivarin (CBDV)

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Cannabidivarin, or CBDV, are molecules that are formed from cannabis and hemp plants. These cannabinoids can be attributed to the umpteen therapeutic effects of cannabis. Though structurally similar to cannabidiol, Cannabidivarin is not intoxicating and won’t cause euphoric feelings upon consumption. CBDV is mainly found in C.indica landrace strains that occur in Asia and Africa.

Most of the research studies conducted on CBDV have been done to study its effect on seizures. Pharma companies are in the process of developing CBDV based drugs to treat epileptic and other forms of seizures. CBDV has been studied for its potential benefits in treating neurobehavioral problems related to Rett syndrome.

Cannabidivarin’s role in rescuing memory and neurological defects has been researched in the recent past. Besides, CBDV is also said to reduce chronic inflammation and muscle damage that is irreversible. Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease can be considerably managed with the use of Cannabidivarin. The role of Cannabidivarin in treating behavioral and cognitive problems in children, communication as well as social behavior is being studied. Furthermore, CBDV also plays the role of a powerful nausea panacea.

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