Cannabidiols (CBD)

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, has recently gained a lot of popularity and witnessed quite a bit of coverage in the media. Cannabis is made up of a large number of components. Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent component behind THC in Cannabis. CBD can be directly derived from a cousin of the marijuana plant, called hemp.  It makes up an important ingredient in medical marijuana.

Although an important component of marijuana, Cannabidiol does not cause any high when consumed by itself. There has been no evidence that suggests that consumption of only Cannabidiol can cause any sort of dependency in the human body.

All of the 50 states have laws that legalises the use of CBD, although the restrictive practices differ from one state to another.  A large part of its legality is determined by which plant Cannabidiol originates from, marijuana or hemp. Currently, it is possible to obtain Cannabidiol online without an official medical marijuana license.

The raging popularity of CBD can mainly be attributed to the plethora of health benefits associated with it. It has been associated with benefits such as:

  • Research has shown that it helps reduce the number of seizures experienced by an epilepsy patient, and in some cases even completely prevented the onset of a seizure.
  • Helping with diseases that lead to chronic pain such as Arthritis.
  • Consumption can help ease anxiety and panic, while also regulating stress levels.

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