Cannabicyclolic Acid (CBLA)

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Cannabicyclolic Acid (CBLA) is a rare compound usually found in cannabis. It is considered to be non-psychoactive in nature. In its pure unaltered form, it is cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), although environmental changes related to light patterns convert it into cannabicyclolic acid.

Although, the cannabicyclolic acid is not really an original cannabinoid. It is artificially produced through irradiation. It was found in 1972 by isolating the elements by Shoyama.

However, the information related to the acid is quite limited as cannabis does not usually produce a high amount of cannabicyclolic acid.

Cannabicyclolic acid is the most stable cannabinoid acid when it comes to its effect on heating. It does not react with decarboxylation either. Because of its unreactive nature and negative results in experiments, scientists tend to neglect the cannabicyclolic acid and its varieties during their experiments. They think of it as a time-consuming task that yields little to no results.

Cannabicyclolic acid is anti-inflammatory and antitumor in nature. Its ability to reduce inflammation makes it a popular choice for people with inflammation-related health issues. It does not have psychoactive effects in small amounts. Hence, it is actually considered quite useful in medical fields.

Cannabichromenate (CBCA) is produced by cannabigerol (CBGA) in marijuana plants. These Cannabichromenates produce the cannabinoids when heated at a particular temperature or after a certain time has passed. They form CBC, CBL, and Cannabicyclolic Acid.

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