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Cannabicyclol, also known as CBL, is one of the least recognized and researched cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is a nonpoisonous cannabinoid and can be generally found in several varieties, and has a much greater content of CBC (Cannabichromene), thus the quantity of Cbl that cannabicyclol produces is quite low and it will not give you high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gives.

The principal characteristics that CBL has are the absence of double bonds unlike THC and hence its inability to produce psychoactive effects within the brain. Many cannabinoids are the result of CBG, but CBL is instead derived from cannabichromene (CBC).

Many cannabis strains are actually quite low in CBL concentration which makes it difficult for extraction. And high CBL strain has likely been stored for several years because it takes both time and light exposure to produce an effluent amount of CBL in the plant. It is common for CBL to be present in hashish, which is often stored for several months to many years.

The cannabis plant produces very small quantities of this cannabinoid and the study of this compound is very scarce. A large number of further studies are required to properly understand the therapeutic properties of CBL. Although, recent studies have been carried out which show promising conclusions concerning the anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory potential of CBL.

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