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Cannabicyclol (CBL) is referred to as a phytocannabinoid found in marijuana. This compound is usually found in older cannabis that has been stored for a long period. The CBL is relatively a recent discovery and occurs in very small amounts. Hence, a lot of research still needs to be done on this cannabis strain.

CBL is unique when compared to other cannabinoids as its atoms are arranged in a different way sans any double bonds. The double bonds are known to give the compound its cerebral effects. Since double bonds are not present in CBL, it does not cause psychoactive effects.

Individuals suffering from chronic pain often request for cannabis strain to ease their medical symptoms. The CBL can be one among these that can be worth considering.

CBL as a cannabinoid can be potentially used in patients suffering from weight loss due to chemotherapy or other disabilities to stimulate the appetite. CBL can also be potentially attributed to the influence of the sleep-wake cycle and promote good quality sleep. Pain relief can be accrued by the reduction of inflammation in events of cancer, nerve damage therein improving the quality of life.

Other potential benefits include the removal of harmful toxins, mood and cognitive ability boost and helpful in conditions such as seizures and epilepsy. The CBL potentially has the ability to treat tumor growth in cancer and have antiemetic properties as well.

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