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Camphene is a marijuana terpene that is particularly known for its pungent and earthy aroma. It is found naturally in plants like ginger, nutmeg, rosemary, and fennel. Camphene is one of the strains that is used for diverse purposes. It was once used as a fuel for lamps, however, in contemporary times it is widely used for food flavoring, as an ingredient in creams and oils and as a mosquito repellent.

If you’re looking for a strain that has therapeutic benefits then this might be the one. Apart from effects like calmness and relaxation, camphene is said to be useful as a medical substance. Studies suggest that camphene has the potential to relieve pains, aches, and stress. Camphene displays antioxidant properties that can help fight pulmonary inflammation.

It is said to reduce oxidative stress on tissues in the body with the help of citrus oils. Another important use of camphene is its role in treating cardiovascular problems. Studies marvel at the potential of this terpene to act as a lipid-lowering agent where it lowers the levels of cholesterol in the body to regulate your heart health. Other added benefits include anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and controlling respiratory issues.

Around the world, indica dominant strains will contain promissory levels of this terpene. OG Kush, Banana Kush, and ACDC are some of the cannabis strains containing the highest average potency of camphene.

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