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Breeding refers to the crossing of the cannabis plants with different traits in order to achieve the desired traits. Due to the advancement of technology, this has become a rising trend. Breeding is better understood if one has knowledge of how plants reproduce.

The traits in the male plant are mixed with the traits of the female plant allowing the breeder to select or reject any particular trait. Cannabis breeding has resulted in the availability of more quantity and a better quality of cannabis in the market.

How is breeding helpful

Breeding is usually done to increase the life of the plant and improve its characteristics. In the case of cannabis breeding, the major aim is to increase the level of potency of cannabis. Before the concept of breeding was introduced in this sector, an ideal cannabis plant used to have 3-5% of THC content but now scientists and breeders have achieved THC contents as much as 18-20% in those plants. Breeding also helps in developing pests resistant breeds of the plants and meeting the high demand for cannabis by increasing the level of production.

Usually, there are two types of breeding that are commonly followed by the breeders: Inbred lines and Hybrid lines. Both these types of breeding technologies result in different species of plants.

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