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Brand refers to the company that manufactures and sells different products related to cannabis consumption. The different products can be vapes, pipes, bongs, bangers, Cannabis oil, etc. Brand helps in creating awareness among the consumers and promoting the relationship between the company and the consumers.

Brands even help in building the community among their users with the help of different promotional activities. For customers, being loyal to a brand means a sense of ownership and belongingness. Brand loyalty is achieved by various factors like providing the best quality products, quick and fast home delivery, customer service, etc.

Companies invest a lot in creating brand awareness and increasing their loyal customer base. A customer who gets loyal to some brand is highly reluctant to switch to some other brand because of the trust that a customer has built with the brand itself.

With the increase in demand of cannabis products and due to the legalization of its use, many new players are entering the market to capture the needs of the customers. Brands have started developing many innovative and reliable products with the use of growing research and development in this sector so as to gain an advantage over the other players.

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