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The bowl is the part of the pipe or the bong that holds the cannabis. It is similar to the bowls in tobacco smoking pipes the only difference being the size and shape of the bowl. The bowl comes in many different materials like wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. To make it look more attractive, the manufacturing companies have started to imprint patterns and carvings on the bowl surface in many different colors. Just like any other accessory, the bowl is also a detachable accessory and can be cleaned for reuse.

The first step in using a bowl for smoking is to make sure that the bowl is clean. Then one can either pre-heat the bowl or insert the weed in it and heat it together as per one’s choice. Before packing the weed in the bowl, the weed is broken down into smaller and fine pieces with the help of a weed grinder.

It is advisable to keep the density of the weed low at the bottom of the bowl and high at the top of the bowl. This helps in a better flow of air and the smoke resulting in a better effect of the weed.

Once done with the packing of the bowl, grab a lighter and hold the pipe with your thumb placed on the carb. The position of the lighter flame should be right over the top of the bowl. Once the smoke is filled in the chamber, remove your thumb from the carb and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece. Keep in mind to take off your mouth from the mouthpiece while you exhale otherwise the weed will get scattered all over.

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