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Officially called Alpha-Bisabolol, Bisabolol is a cannabis terpene. Chamomile flowers generally create it. This terpene is popular for its sweet and light flowery fragrance. Further, it might help due to its analgesic, anti-irritant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its testified skin-healing nature, manufacturers use them in cosmetics for hundreds of years now.

Many variants of Brazilian Candeia Tree, Chamomile and cannabis produce this monocyclic sesquiterpenoid alcohol. Bisabolol in addition to its use in the cosmetic industry, this terpene has the following properties as well:

  • Anti-inflammatory: The topical application of Bisabolol in the skin might help with bringing down skin inflammation. So, it might treat inflammatory skin conditions like hives and dermatitis.
  • Anti-microbial: Bacterial oral conditions like halitosis may cure when Bisabolol is combined with tea tree oil and used. For instance, it might help with getting rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Anti-irritant: You might have experienced that chamomile tea soothes your sore throat. In the same way, Bisabolol might have a similar effect on the skin. However, some studies suggest that Bisabolol cannot address skin irritation.
  • Analgesic: During chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients, Bisabolol might help with pain relief.

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