Ash Catcher

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Ash collector Marijuana Dictionary

An ash catcher is an accessory that keeps your water pipe or bong clean. An Ash Catcher works as an extension to your smoking device, working to filter the smoke and reduce the amount of tar that enters the main chamber o the pipe or bong. Its main purpose is to stop any trash such as tar or ash to end up in the water. There are many different types of ash catchers based on the size and shape of your smoking device.

However, a transparent glass ash catcher is recommended as you can see what all is being filtered. It also helps in knowing when to clean it. An ash catcher has a small bowl slides directly into the device placed inside the pipe or bong. With the ash catcher, it helps to know that you’re not smoking any harmful extra elements since it keeps it neat and clean. Some water can be added to the ash catcher but this must be limited as dirty water can flow back into your bong or pipe. If there’s too much water, it can splash all over and leak from your smoking device. These are just a few things to keep in mind when using an ash catcher.

It’s interesting to note that an ash catcher can keep your smoking device clean for a much longer period relatively as opposed to when one isn’t used. Since it is also easier to clean than a bong, it saves your time. It is also important to note how to clean an ash catcher.

It must be detached from your smoking device, then a high percentage of isopropyl alcohol, approximately 90% should be added to coarse salt and poured into your ash catcher. After shaking it well, the alcohol should be dumped out and then the device should be rinsed with warm water. If the ash catcher is extremely dirty, the device can be soaked in the alcohol-salt solution for about 24 hours and then rinsed with warm water.


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