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Aeroponics is the process of growing cannabis plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium, and uses no medium for the roots. The word “aeroponic” is derived from the Greek meanings of aer (meaning air) and ponos (meaning labor). 

Aeroponics differs from both conventional hydroponics, aquaponics, and in-vitro (plant tissue culture) growing, because the roots are suspended in the air as the nutrients and water are delivered via a system that continually mists the roots. First discovered as a way to study plants’ root-based system, the practice has evolved over time from being solely root-based to being a way to cultivate plants overall. The medium liquid nutrient solution as a growing medium and essential minerals to sustain plant growth.

To achieve this root suspension system, the Aeroponics comprises of two main features, namely the reservoir and the planter bed. A reservoir is a place where water is stored and nutrient quality is assessed. The planter bed is the area where the plant grows. Pumps are used as a bridge to connect these two systems.         

Though not an easy method of growing cannabis, the Aeroponics accords a number of benefits to the growing cannabis plant. The roots are able to soak in all the available oxygen. Also, water dissolved nutrients are in direct contact with the roots. This makes them readily available for the plant’s uptake. No competing for soil territory leads to ease of harvests. This method of gardening also helps to keep the pests commonly invading the soil away. This Aeroponics method uses very little water and water that is not used can be again recycled.

Hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaculture involve specialized equipment that experienced gardeners and professional businesses might use. If you’re just starting out, you should really think about the cost and work involved in these methods. While they take more money and time, though, they also let you take advantage of a much higher quality. To learn more about growing cannabis, check out our marijuana growing guide

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