Vaporizing vs. Smoking Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome

Updated on December 19, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Vaporizing vs. Smoking Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome

When you begin your medical cannabis treatment for your nail-patella syndrome (NPS) symptoms, you have many medication methods to choose from. Unlike many standard medications, you can take your cannabis in a variety of ways.

Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks you can take advantage of, but smoking and vaping are two of the most popular ways to medicate with marijuana.

How Medical Marijuana Treats Nail-Patella Syndrome Symptoms

NPS is a genetic condition that affects only a small amount of people, but it can cause serious harm when it’s severe. Some folks only experience irregularities in their fingernails, but others have to deal with issues like glaucoma and kidney disease. Doctors take many approaches to NPS treatment, but many of them can be invasive or involve strong drugs.

So, some people with NPS try medical cannabis as an alternative medicine for their condition. While medical marijuana usually doesn’t cure conditions like NPS, it can delay symptom progression and improve quality of life. It also has fewer and safer side effects compared to the pharmaceuticals used for NPS.

Cannabis medicine can especially help NPS patients who have glaucoma, kidney issues, inflammation and pain. Medical cannabis has tons of evidence backing its ability to soothe inflammation and reduce pain levels. It also reduces the pressure that glaucoma exerts on your eyes.

How Does Inhaling Cannabis Affect Your Body?

Depending on your state’s medical marijuana laws, you could have plenty of ways to medicate with marijuana. You can find cannabis medicine in traditional forms, like pills, or more recreational products, like edibles. Since each kind of medical marijuana product kicks in differently, you can use these differences to customize your treatment.

Two of the most well-known ways to use cannabis are smoking and vaping, which both involve inhaling the medicine. Breathing in cannabinoids lets you feel their benefits quickly, which helps when you experience sudden symptoms. Both smoking and vaping also have consistent effects, so you should feel the same thing from a dose every time you use it.

After the cannabinoids get in contact with your lungs, they spread to the rest of your body through your bloodstream. So, inhalation works exceptionally well for symptoms occurring all over. In comparison, products like topical treatments affect only one area, and products like edibles can have unpredictable effects.

Availability of Smoking and Vaping Products

The type of inhalation medicine that will be more available to you depends on your budget and where you live. Some states, like New York, allow vaporizing but not smoking, so you can only vape legally. Vaporizing can also be more expensive than smoking.

If you live somewhere where you can legally smoke and vape, you must make a financial decision. While you can smoke or vape marijuana bud, rolling papers and pipes can cost less than vaporizers. On the other hand, prices vary by area, and you might want to invest in a tool you can use repeatedly without worrying about it breaking or wearing out. When in doubt, talk with your doctor and budtender.

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Which Method Is Better for Your Health?

One of the most crucial factors to consider in choosing a method is the impact on your health. Just because you aren’t smoking tobacco doesn’t mean the smoke won’t hurt your lungs. Meanwhile, vaporizing produces much less smoke, especially if you use a high-quality vaporizer that doesn’t char your cannabis.

Don’t Decide Alone — Talk With the Professionals

As you can see, medical cannabis treatment has many nuances you should consider for the best experience. Professionals like marijuana-certified doctors and dispensary staff members can guide your product decision, and you can find them all here at

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