Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome-Related Glaucoma


Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome-Related Glaucoma

When Nail-patella syndrome (NPS) causes glaucoma, you risk of losing your vision or having it reduced. The pressure created by your glaucoma can also cause pain and discomfort. With a limited number of options presented by traditional medicine, some patients have tried medical marijuana for their NPS and glaucoma. Learn how you can use cannabis medicine to relieve your NPS-related glaucoma symptoms.

Nail-Patella Syndrome and Glaucoma

NPS is a rare genetic condition that affects about one of 50,000 babies born. All people with NPS deal with collagen abnormalities and connective disuse. But, the severity of their symptoms varies from person to person.

Some folks with NPS experience glaucoma or built-up pressure in the eye caused by excess fluid. When your eye doesn’t drain fluid correctly, the fluid presses on your ocular nerve. The further the condition develops, the more damage your ocular nerve receives.

People with NPS specifically deal with open-angle glaucoma, where the fluid gradually builds in your eye. It doesn’t pose an immediate threat, but it should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your ocular nerve.

How Medical Cannabis Reduces Glaucoma-Related Eye Pressure

As you can see, the main issue caused by glaucoma is the pressure put on the ocular nerve. So, the most effective way to reduce glaucoma symptoms is to lower that pressure. Some folks use eyedrops or resort to surgery, but others use medical marijuana, a much safer alternative.

Many studies have shown cannabis can reduce pressure on the intraocular nerve. Since 1971, researchers have observed the effects of cannabis medicine on eye pressure. Some results have even demonstrated it works just as well as pharmaceutical glaucoma medicine.

Scientists don’t know exactly why medical marijuana reduces eye pressure, but they have a hunch. It turns out that we have cannabinoid receptors, or receptors that react to marijuana components, right in our eye tissue. You can find the most receptors in the part of the eye that filters fluid. These discoveries could indicate marijuana directly affects how your eye produces fluid.

Using Cannabis Medicine to Reduce Stress and Blood Pressure

Not only can glaucoma cause stress and high blood pressure, but stress and high blood pressure can aggravate glaucoma. Keeping your stress and blood pressure at healthy levels will reduce your glaucoma’s progression, and medical marijuana can tackle both issues!

When you use the right strain of marijuana, you’ll feel calmer and reduce stress. Indica strains make you feel relaxed, and reducing your stress can also lower your blood pressure.

Medical marijuana is an effective treatment for lowering blood pressure, as well, since it decreases some of the extra pressure on your ocular nerve. Both clinical and preclinical studies suggest humans and animals who took in cannabinoids experienced reduced blood pressure. Blood pressure can cause stress, so you can tackle both issues effectively.

How Medical Marijuana Relieves Symptoms Resulting From Glaucoma

Glaucoma can create other symptoms that don’t exacerbate your eye pressure but still cause discomfort. You can use marijuana medicine to address glaucoma-related issues like nausea and pain. As two of the most commonly approved symptoms for medicinal cannabis, marijuana medicine can dramatically reduce pain and nausea. Decreasing your symptoms can help you improve your quality of life.

Get Started With a Marijuana Professional

Just like the standard medical industry, the medical marijuana industry has experienced professionals who can guide you through your treatment. New patients should schedule an appointment with a cannabis-friendly doctor to begin the process. Current patients can also consult with the staff at their dispensary for more advice.

Information about Medical Marijuana & Nail-Patella Syndrome