How Cannabis Oil Helps Young Sufferers of Hydromyelia


How Cannabis Oil Helps Young Sufferers of Hydromyelia

It can be difficult to treat a young one with a serious condition. After all, you want them to stay safe, but many treatments and medicines can have risks.

Kids with hydromyelia often take pain medication to relieve the pain caused by the pressure on their spine. When over-the-counter painkillers don’t do the trick, parents must consider prescription medications, which can damage the liver or cause dependency.

More and more parents are opening their minds to cannabis oil after other treatments have failed them. If you’re curious about using cannabis oil for your own child’s hydromyelia pain, we can walk you through the basics.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

When you look for cannabis oil, you may find products like concentrates used for smoking and vaping. When we talk about cannabis oil, we’re referring to cannabidiol oil, an oil used purely for health benefits.

Cannabidiol oil, more commonly known as CBD oil, is extracted from marijuana. It already exists in the plant, so manufacturers only have to directly extract it. They use oil, solvent or carbon dioxide to separate the oil from the other parts of the plant.

Parents and kids can benefit from the many perks of cannabis oil use, including:

1. Doesn’t Make Your Child “High”

When you think about using cannabis oil for your child, you may immediately wonder — will it make your child feel the “high” associated with marijuana? After all, you probably want to research cannabis oil because you don’t want your kid to feel drugged. We’re here to say you have nothing to worry about.

Since CBD oil only contains the marijuana component cannabidiol, it doesn’t produce any mental impairment. The other major component of cannabis, THC, is the element that causes psychedelic effects — it doesn’t exist in CBD oil.

2. There Are Easy Ways to Dose

Does your little one dislike taking medicine? CBD oil can make both of your lives easier.

CBD oil can be administered in many kid-friendly ways. To makes the medicating experience more pleasant, you can mix it into your child’s favorite food. That way, instead of dreading medication time, they can look forward to it.

You can also find CBD oil as the main component for many kinds of holistic cannabis medicines. It serves as the main ingredient for topical treatments, capsules and tinctures. Kids who don’t mind the standard medication experience can also take advantage of these more traditional options.

And, of course, you can always give CBD oil as-is to your child. Use a dropper to put the exact dose you need into your child’s mouth for them to ingest.

What to Consider Before Trying CBD for Your Child

Just like any other form of cannabis medicine, you must obtain a recommendation from a certified medical marijuana doctor before you can get CBD oil. In addition to the standard medical marijuana program application, you’ll need to complete some extra paperwork showing you’re the parent or guardian of the child. Also, make sure your state allows the medical use of CBD oil and accepts children into its medical marijuana program.

Keep in mind that insurance does not cover medicinal cannabis, so you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket. It can still cost less than other medication options, but you may want to research the price of CBD oil in your state to determine if you can afford it. Many patients find that their cannabis medicine is worth it despite the lack of insurance coverage.

How to Start Researching Alternative Relief for Your Child

To get the most accurate and current information possible, you should speak with medical professionals. Marijuana-certified physicians can write recommendations and answer questions about your child’s treatment plan. The staff members at medical cannabis dispensaries receive training to help patients make informed purchases, so don’t hesitate to consult them during your shopping experience.

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