Best Strains of Cannabis for Arachnoiditis Treatment


One of medical marijuana’s biggest strengths can also confuse patients. Like any other plant, cannabis comes in different varieties that we call strains. Even experienced cannabis users need to decide between thousands of strains that have their own uses.

Things can get especially complicated when you have a lesser-known condition like arachnoiditis. After all, do they grow strains for arachnoiditis?

The trick to picking a marijuana strain is figuring out what symptoms it treats. Arachnoiditis patients deal with health issues many other medical cannabis patients have, so you can easily find the perfect strain based on your symptoms.

What Is Arachnoiditis?

The membrane that protects your spinal cord nerves is called the arachnoid. When you have arachnoiditis, your arachnoid becomes inflamed. Arachnoiditis has all sorts of potential causes, including infections, injuries and surgical complications.

Arachnoiditis causes chronic pain and symptoms associated with the back and lower legs. Since the spinal cord works as part of your nervous system, arachnoiditis can cause numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, bowel and bladder issues, trouble with balance and more.

Types of Cannabis Strains

Have you ever been to the garden store and seen all sorts of varieties of the same plant? Marijuana works the same way — it comes in strains that help you feel better in different ways.

Unless it’s a hybrid of the two varieties, every strain fits into one of two categories — indica or sativa. Indica strains relieve pain, promote relaxation and help you sleep. Sativa strains give you a zip, both energizing you and boosting your mood.

Within those two categories, each strain has its own strengths. You can find a single strain that addresses all your problems, or use a hybrid strain to customize your treatment further.

Strains by Symptom

The symptoms of arachnoiditis vary on a case-by-case basis. However, many of its most common symptoms are easily treatable with medical cannabis. Let’s walk through some of the most effective strains for each weed-treatable arachnoiditis symptom.

Pain and Inflammation Relievers

  • Purple Urkle: Patients experiencing full-body pain from their arachnoiditis can benefit from this indica strain. It also relaxes you and helps you sleep.
  • Harlequin: Folks who need pain relief without drowsiness might prefer Harlequin, a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid. It provides the energy of a full sativa strain without making you feel on-edge.

Energy Boosters

  • Blue DreamAs a hybrid strain, Blue Dream can come in indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties. Use the sativa-leaning kind to feel more alert without anxiety or paranoia.
  • Sour Diesel: If you can handle sativa-heavy strains, you might want to give Sour Diesel a shot. Be careful — it kicks in quickly.

Mood Lifters

  • Girl Scout Cookies: If arachnoiditis gives you the blues or stresses you out, Girl Scout Cookies can tackle both mood issues at once.
  • Green Crack: Patients who can tolerate high amounts of sativa can use Green Crack to relieve severe depression.

Nausea Soothers

  • Cheese: As an indica-dominant hybrid, Cheese can reduce nausea without as making you as drowsy as pure indica strains. But, it still helps you relax.
  • Chocolope: If you need an energy boost in addition to nausea relief, Chocolope can solve both problems.

More Knowledge on Arachnoiditis and Medical Marijuana

You’re a unique person with your own symptoms and needs, so only someone with experience can answer every question you have. There are medical marijuana-certified medical practices all over the United States happy to give you advice. You can also stop by a dispensary near you to learn about their products.

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