Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Managing Hepatitis C

Updated on January 31, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Managing Hepatitis C

As we find more proof that medical marijuana can help patients dealing with all sorts of conditions, more hepatitis C patients are using it. Medication for hepatitis C often puts the patient through side effects harsh enough to discourage them from taking all their medicine. But marijuana can relieve many of these issues, making it much easier to complete treatment.

When you use weed for medical reasons, not all strains work the same way. These differences may make it a little harder to pick the right marijuana treatment, but you can also use them to your advantage. By using a strain that addresses the symptoms you have, you can use it as your own tailor-made medication.

The strain that will work best for your hepatitis C depends on the symptoms you experience. We can inform your decision process by giving you some examples. However, make sure to consult with your dispensary staff when you make a purchase.

About Hepatitis C

You can get the hepatitis C virus only through contact with blood. When you have the hepatitis C virus, it damages your liver, causing complications all over your body. The liver handles toxins in your body, so having a damaged liver can cause some serious problems.

Hepatitis C can result in major liver damage and even death if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. When hepatitis C develops into long-term or chronic hepatitis C, it causes symptoms affecting all sorts of areas of your body.

Common Hepatitis C Symptoms Treatable With Marijuana

Not only does a hepatitis C infection cause noticeable symptoms, but medicine used for hepatitis C can give you health problems, too. Marijuana can relieve symptoms and side effects such as:

  • Inflammation of the liver
  • Swollen legs
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss

Types of Marijuana Strains

Marijuana strains can be divided into two main varieties — indica and sativa. Additionally, some growers cultivate hybrid strains featuring a combination of an indica and sativa strain. Both kinds benefit your health in different ways, so understanding the differences can help you make an independent decision.

Indica strains provide a relaxed, full-body effect. Patients generally use them for help sleeping, anxiety relief, nausea relief, pain reduction and other benefits. Due to their calming and sedative nature, most patients use indica strains at night.

Sativa strains affect the mind more than the body. They mainly provide extra energy, an enhanced mood, increased focus and more. Unlike indica strains, sativa strains generally are taken during the day.

Hybrid strains combine the traits of their parent strains, so they don’t provide a certain category of benefits. When cultivators cross-breed sativa and indica, it results in a balanced hybrid that has benefits associated with both types.

What Type of Strain Works for Each Hepatitis C Symptom?

Since hepatitis C manifests in so many ways, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact strain you should use for it. It’s best to break down each of your symptoms to choose the best kind of strain for you. Some common symptoms treatable with marijuana are:

  • Inflammation of the Liver/Swollen Legs: Did you know that inflammation and swelling act as a response from your immune system? Medical marijuana can suppress the immune system, minimizing the number of inflammation signals sent to the affected tissue. Due to its full-body effect and use for immune disorders like lupus, indica strains are more suitable for inflammation.
  • Fatigue: Fighting off an infection like hepatitis C can wear you out. The kind of strain you should take for energy depends on your reaction to sativa strains. If you find that the psychoactive effects of sativastrains don’t affect you too much, you can opt for a pure sativa strain. On the other hand, you can use a sativa-leaning hybrid to balance out the “high” from a sativa strain.
  • Aches and Pains: Both hepatitis C and its cures make you feel achy. While both types of marijuana strains help with pain, you can feel the effects of indica strains all over your body. So, indica strains serve as a more potent cure for hepatitis C-related pain.
  • Nausea: Hepatitis C medicine tends to cause nausea rather than hepatitis C itself. Indica strains relax your stomach muscles, allowing you to keep food down.
  • Weight Loss: The loss of appetite associated with hepatitis C often results in unhealthy weight loss. Since just about any marijuana strain makes you feel hungry, you can make your choice based on the other symptoms you have.

Ask the Professionals

Our advice shouldn’t replace a doctor or budtender’s guidance — only an expert can look at your unique circumstances and help you pick a strain. Search for a doctor near you or a find local marijuana dispensarytoday.

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