Kentucky CBD Program

Updated on May 26, 2020.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Lawmakers who don’t support medical marijuana sometimes don’t mind cannabidiol (CBD). This compound has many of the benefits of marijuana. Since it doesn’t create a “high,” some politicians find it more acceptable. A few states have even implemented a CBD program. Kentucky has limited CBD laws that let some patients use this medicine.

CBD Laws in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has a CBD program in the sense that the law allows it in some instances. However, these cases are very limited compared to many states. A patient can get CBD if they participate in an FDA-approved study. They can also get permission from a doctor associated with a university. But, the FDA rarely approves of cannabidiol studies, and not all doctors will recommend CBD.

Kentucky law also does not allow for medicine production in-state. Instead, patients must visit another state to get medication. You will usually get CBD from a study, but not from a doctor. If you have a recommendation, you can try to get CBD in another state. However, patients don’t have a card to show as proof. These contradictions make it difficult to get medicine.

While federal law does not explicitly permit hemp-based CBD oil, many patients will not be persecuted if it doesn’t have THC. Your best chance may involve buying hemp CBD from a reputable source.

What Kinds of Ailments Can CBD Relieve?

Kentucky laws don’t specify any qualifying conditions for CBD. Instead, they leave it up to researchers and doctors. CBD has the power to treat many ailments, including:

If your doctor doesn’t mind the idea of hemp-based CBD treatment, ask for their opinion. They can tell you if CBD will interact with any of your medications. It usually doesn’t cause major issues. But, a professional’s advice can help you get effective relief.

Do Patients Need to Sign Up for a Registry?

Nobody has to register with the state to get CBD. Patients who take marijuana-based CBD can use a recommendation as legal proof. If you get hemp-based CBD, try to use medicine with the lowest amount of THC you can find. High levels of THC tend to get people in trouble more often than small traces.

CBD Programs and the Fight for Legal Access

While Kentucky has strict laws, it could also pave the way for accessible medical marijuana in the future. Current rules don’t require you to have a qualifying condition. If this rule applies to a potential program, it could provide access for thousands of patients.