Oregon CBD Program


Whether you’re a long-time resident of the notorious “Beaver State,” or are simply looking for ways to access CBD during your next visit to Oregon, you’re likely to have some questions concerning CBD laws in the state. Can you legally access CBD if you’re not a medical marijuana patient? How can you qualify for CBD? What conditions or health problems experience relief while using a treatment plan that includes this substance? Read on below to discover the information you need as a patient.

How Can CBD Help Me?

Before you learn about the laws and regulations surrounding this substance, you may first be curious about whether CBD is even worth exploring. For many, it is.

Derived from hemp products, CBD is a cannabis compound that offers many of the health benefits typically associated with this substance — albeit with no hallucinogenic effects. Several of the perks of incorporating CBD into your wellness plan include:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Seizure prevention
  • Anti-inflammation properties

Because every patient is unique and demonstrates a different array of symptoms, it’s best to discuss your health complications with a trained medical professional before starting a treatment plan of any kind.

Oregon’s CBD Laws and Regulations

In 2009, national lawmakers authorized House Bill 676, a regulation that legally allowed for the sale and trade of industrial hemp. Today, Oregon’s booming CBD market and industry can be accredited with these earlier efforts to grant patients widespread access to the alternative treatment options they need.

Passed in 2015, Oklahoma’s Katie’s Law also grants epileptic patients with access to cannabis oil — children included. Whether you have a chronic condition or terminal illness, Oregon’s laws support giving patients access to the CBD products they need to enhance their daily sense of wellbeing.

But where can you purchase CBD? As a resident of Oregon, you have the ability to choose either an online manufacturer or an in-person facility that offers over-the-counter products. Which option works best for you? Choose how you want to retrieve your CBD to begin your treatment plan with ease.

Getting Started With CBD

For many patients, CBD offers a natural approach to their treatment. You’ll experience fewer unwanted symptoms while feeling little to no adverse effects in the process. Plus, CBD is safe and easy to access within the state. Are you ready to get started? Before you form the right treatment plan for your needs, be sure to browse through our online resources to learn more about cannabis and other CBD products.

When you know more about your marijuana resources, you’re in a better position to find the relief you rightfully deserve. Feel free to explore our site today for more information.