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Updated on January 23, 2020.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program: Contact Details

Oregon Health Authority
Medical Marijuana Program
PO Box 14450
Portland, OR 97293-0450
Phone: (971) 673-1234
Monday – Friday: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Website: Oregon Health Authority Medical Marijuana Program

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program: Information

  1. Patients must be a citizen of the United States. If you do not have an Oregon I.D. an out of state I.D., passport, or other photo I.D. with proof of residency such as bank statement, utility bill, etc is acceptable.
  2. The qualifying patient must have been diagnosed by a physician as having a debilitating medical condition.
  3. Patients must obtain legitimate medical records or documentation from his/her primary care physician describing his/her diagnosis. Ensure to bring all records with to the marijuana evaluation appointment — *Learn how to request your medical records
  4. The Oregon Program requires all patients to have an established, bonafide doctor/patient relationship, which in some cases may take several appointments, to establish — *Find a certified medical marijuana physician in Oregon
  5. Once the patient has been certified, the patient MUST register with the Oregon MMP Patient Registry. Registration is mandatory in order for patients to ensure protection under Oregon’s medical marijuana law 

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program: Possession and Cultivation Regulations

In the state of Oregon, as per Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 475.300 — ORS 475.346, registry I.D. cardholders, or designated primary caregivers of cardholders, may possess no more than six mature marijuana plants and 24 ounces of usable marijuana, and a combined total of up to eighteen marijuana seedlings.

Recent Legislation Changes

In order to be afforded legal protection under the Oregon Medical Marijuana law as per the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), qualified medical marijuana patients must register with the state patient registry and possess a valid state-issued identification card by submitting a medical marijuana card application to the Oregon Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

An Oregon medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by the Oregon Department of Health Services (DHS), to qualifying patients, personal caregivers, or dispensary agents. The Oregon medical marijuana card verifies that the patient has received a written certification from a physician, stating that he or she may benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana, as per the qualifying medical conditions outlined by the State program.

For purposes of the DHS, and law enforcement, the medical marijuana card serves to identify those patients who are exempt from Oregon criminal and civil penalties, for conduct pursuant to the medical use of marijuana.

Click Here to learn how to get your Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon.

On November 03, 1998, Ballot Measure 67 “The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act”, was approved by 55% of voters, effectively removing all state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess a signed recommendation from their physician stating that marijuana “may mitigate” his or her debilitating symptoms.

On January 01, 2006, Senate Bill 1085, effectively amending the law so that state-qualified patients who possess amounts of cannabis exceeding the new state guidelines, will no longer retain the ability to argue an “affirmative defense” of medical necessity, in case of a trial. Any patient, failing to register with the state and in possession of medical cannabis in amounts compliant with state law, retain the ability to use an “affirmative defense” in case of trial. The law was also amended to redefine “mature plants” to specifically include only those cannabis plants, that are more than 12 inches in height and diameter; and established a state patient registry for those authorized to cultivate cannabis for qualified patients.

On July 21, 1999, House Bill 3052, mandated that patients, or appointed caregivers, cultivating medical cannabis, may only do so in one location. HB 3052 also requires that all patients be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition for at least 12 months prior to being arrested, in order to be allowed to use an “affirmative defense”; and It further mandates that agitation of Alzheimer’s disease be added to the list of debilitating medical conditions that qualify for medical protection.

In August 2001, program administrators further defined the relationship between patients and relationships, by establishing the requirement of a bonafide doctor/patient relationship, “a physician who has established a physician/patient relationship with the patient … is primarily responsible for the care and treatment of the patients … has reviewed a patient’s medical records at the patient’s request, has conducted a thorough physical examination of the patient, has provided a treatment plan and/or follow-up care, and has documented these activities in a patient file.”

On June 06, 2013, SB 281, was signed by Governor John Kitzhaber, officially adding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the list of approved qualifying medical marijuana conditions.

On August 14, 2013, HB 3460, was signed by the Governor, creating a state dispensary program, by allowing for the state licensing and regulation of medical marijuana facilities.

On March 19, 2014, Senate Bill 1531, was signed into law, allowing local governments to restrict the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, in addition to the moratoriums up to May 01, 2015.

On April 18, 2014, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program approved the applications, of 15 dispensary locations.On July 01, 2015, HB 3400, was signed into law by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, adding a provision that requires patients to be state residents in order to qualify for the program.

In April, 2019 the following legislation was added: HB 3200 asserts that any patient application or change form received by Oregon Medical Marijuana Program designating a grow site will be required to submit informed written consent from the owner of the property to use the property as a grow site if the patient is not the property owner.

SB 970 prohibits landlords from taking discriminatory action against those who either use medical cannabis or possess cannabis-related convictions

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Oregon Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Services Online

Qualified patients in Oregon may choose to see a marijuana doctor online instead of in-person, using the telemedicine portal, provided that a medical marijuana telemedicine doctor first establish a bonafide relationship with the patient in-person, after which all follow-up visits may be conducted via medical marijuana telemedicine services, online.

The State of Oregon has a legalized medical marijuana program, which allows patients to receive a medical marijuana recommendation from a certified physician, and apply for a state-issued Oregon Medical Marijuana Card, permitting the patient to purchase marijuana for medicinal use, as per Oregon state guidelines.

Since the Oregon medical marijuana program is still changing their laws and new Oregon medical marijuana laws are being enacted on a regular basis, please be sure to visit our site frequently to get the most updated laws as it pertains to the Oregon medical marijuana program. Please click a corresponding link to find out more about Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. We have compiled the following Oregon medical marijuana index of information to serve as a medical library to our users for legal reference of Oregon’s laws, guidelines and program details regarding medical cannabis use in Oregon.

Please note: In order to become a legal medical marijuana patient you must first have a qualifying condition as outlined by the department of health services and/or department of justice. For a comprehensive list of Oregon’s qualifying medical marijuana conditions, please visit our qualifying conditions section located on the top of our menu under “legal states.”


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Medical Marijuana Laws

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Medical Marijuana Card

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